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Why Do You Need Pest Control Services in Kolkata?

Pests are creatures that are considered harmful to humans and their interests. For example, pests like rodents and insects eat crops and spread harmful diseases. Hence, they are eradicated and kept in low numbers so that they do not over run human residence and cause havoc. 

But do you really need pest control services in Kolkata? 

Can’t you just use home remedies and store-bought options to eradicate these critters? No, contrary to popular belief, you cannot do a simple-patch-up job. You need to get to the root of the problem and eradicate the contamination from there. 

So, in this blog we will look at the different reasons why you need pest control services. 

Reasons For Pest Control Services in Kolkata

Listed below are some of the reasons you need to apply for professional pest services in Kolkata.

Reason #1: Home Remedies Don’t Get To The Root of The Problem

Home remedies like traps, natural medicines are not always effective against the pests that contaminate your house. Store-bought and home remedies only touch the surface of the problem. They do not go further into the actual source of trouble.

Professional remedies on the other hand are more disposed to create a once and for all solution. That is why we at Service Zet know how to do the work quickly, efficiently and professionally. We will ensure that we get to the root of the problem so that you can rest easy. 

Reason #2: Pests Pose Real Threats to Your Health

Many pests pose a real threat to your health. Experts attribute our present state of health to top quality vaccines, sanitation, and high quality pest control. 

Many common pests like rodents, mosquitoes and ticks are responsible for carrying diseases like malaria, Hantavirus, Lyme disease, Zika and West Nile Virus. 

It is not possible for us to know whether the pest is carrying the virus or not, hence, we walk on the side of caution and get rid of the pests rather than cause a threat to your life. 

Reason #3: Pests to Property and Belongings

Most pests enter the house because they have found a source of food. And it is impossible to keep a house free of food! Hence, one always has to be on the alert that pests, rodents and other critters do not enter and cause destruction to personal property or belongings. 

In America termite infestations cause around $5 billion in losses every year. Therefore, pest infestation is not some run of the mill problem. Termites for example eat the wooden beams, walls and other parts of the house from the inside out, and they can cause the whole structure to collapse, leaving the dwellers vulnerable. 

Reason #4: Keeps Food Clean and Safe for Consumption

Rodents especially attack food as do cockroaches. Ants, Indian meal moths also find a way into the pantry and cause a lot of loss of food. Aphids can grow around the vegetables and fruits of plants resulting in loss and irritation. 

Hence, keep food clean and safe for consumption, by getting rid of pests in your household. You may have seen in your kitchen different bugs and insects that eat up the stored dals and rice, to get rid of these there are different options one can avail of, hence, we will try them. 

Reason #5: Live a Stress-free Life 

Who doesn’t want to live a stress-free and comfortable life? With creatures like rodents cavorting in the house, there is no peace for children, pets and moms! Until the creature is removed, only then can the family enjoy life again. 

Hence, for safe consumption of food, enjoying a happy life with your family, preventing allergies and other health risks, opt for pest control services in Kolkata.

Reason #6: Pests Cause Allergies

Several pests are responsible for causing allergies, asthma and other respiratory problems. Bed bugs and mosquitoes cause skin rashes while cockroaches cause allergies in 7% of the population. 

Hence, to avoid these problems, you should get in touch with a pest control service or company that will help you to eliminate these pesky creatures. 

Why Choose Service Zet?

Service Zet has many years of experience in pest control. Our services of cleaning and pest control are among the best in the city of Kolkata. We have a handful of professionals who undertake to remove pests from your home. 

So, what are you waiting for? Call Service Zet today for the removal of critters, creatures, rodents and rats from your home.