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Exclusive rights to information

The policy of safeguarding the personal information that governs the access to and use of the services provided on the website by the users, and owners but not restricted with copyright claims, names, logos, trademarks, themes, texts or designs used by the website. Therefore any publication, alteration, or broadcasting are a creation of original work with the use of this website in any path without prior intimation to our company is strictly forbidden and violation of such policy may be subject to legal discretion.


ServiceZet shall not be held accountable for any losses, damages, costs or other liabilities whatsoever arising with the use of our website through any third party or connection failure, the introduction of broadcast while operating the website, delay, error, any unauthorised virus, worm, or damaging component or issues in your system leading to such possibility of loss or damage.

We reserve the right to divulge your identification and credentials as required by the law and if we think that revelation is essential to safeguard our rights or to comply with the judicial requirements or judicial level procedures aided for our website. ServiceZet shall not be liable for any exceptional, overall, indirect or direct or significant damages that may have been raised from the use of or inability to use the website or our services included, regardless of the source.


The site, the services on the site and the information are given as is and are free of any demonstration or guarantee, obscure or express of any kind and is free of restriction to guarantee of non-violation or merchantability for any specific purpose. We do not guarantee any kind, obscure or express third-party content. In addition, we also do not guarantee that this site is free of any viruses or jurisdictions that do not permit any exclusion of warranties. Therefore the given exclusion shall not apply to you.

Privacy of data

ServiceZet has imbibed a privacy policy in order to protect your credentials as we intensely care about your online safety. Thus we aim to safeguard your personal data and consider it to be our utmost priority.

While using our website, you are expressing or showing consent to using and exposing your credentials. Thus, this privacy policy confirms for both those who visit our website and do not transact any trade and for those who are registered with our website. Personal information signifies details that are recognised or are used to identify, and track your contact and individual to home the details pertain and may not restrict to just address, name, contact number, email address, credit card details, financial particulars, etc.


ServiceZet reserves the authority to change, alter, transform, remove or add portions of the privacy policy at any point in time without notice. To be aware, it is necessary that you refer to our privacy policies as and when required. Use of our website following any alteration or changes will be taken as validation from your end, that you accept those alterations and that shall not stand liable to update the users about the changes or alterations.

Contact information

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