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What to Do in Preparation for a Pest Control Company?

Pests are a real menace! Who doesn’t agree?

When your precious home is invaded by critters like rodents, spiders, cockroaches, termites and other insects, it is a real problem. However, do not fret! A pest control company like ServiceZet can help to keep your home in pristine condition and free from the bugs that inevitably ruin furniture, foodstuffs, and not to mention your mood!

So, in this blog, we will check out what you can do in preparation for a pest control service.

How to prepare for the pest control company

Here are some pointers for you to keep in mind so that you are in readiness for the pest control service.

  • Provide Access to the Corners

While you do not have to remove all your furniture, you do have to shift the heavy ones away from the place of infestation. Removing larger pieces of furniture can aid the pest control servicemen in quickly getting to that part of the house or corner where the infestation occurs. Moreover, this protects your furniture and other appliances from the spills and sprays of the chemicals which are used during treatment.

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  • Bed Linen

The same advice goes for bed linen. Bed linen also should be protected by wrapping in plastic bags. Leave them like that until the pest control service has been completed.

  • Furniture

Protect your furniture like sofas, tables, and chairs with plastic. Avoid the usage of cloth as the cloth will absorb the droplets that are present in the air. In case you are getting your furniture itself sprayed ask if the professional will be willing to do it on the terraced rooftop. Empty out storage beds and allow the professionals to take over. Preparing all this beforehand ensures that the professionals take lesser time to complete the task.

  • Remove Your Clothes

If you have called a pest control company for termite removal in your cupboards, drawers, do remove the clothes first. Protect your clothes by leaving them out in the sun for a while to ensure that they are completely dry and pest-free. To keep things doubly safe, you should wrap them in plastic and seal them. This will ensure that none of the chemicals falls on them. Make use of sellotape and not masking tape as the latter tends to absorb some of the liquid.

  • Clearing out the Kitchen

Since the kitchen attracts the most number of pests because of the presence of foodstuffs it is necessary to keep the entire place clean. If you are unable to keep your kitchen clean, you can always hire a professional cleaning service that will do the same for you on a regular basis. Since utensils and cutlery should not be exposed to pest control chemicals you need to secure them in cardboard boxes or plastic bags. Otherwise, you will have to spend time washing the utensils to get rid of the chemicals.

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  • Pets

Keep pets away from the chemicals as they can be very sensitive to them. Fish, birds, dogs and cats need to be kept outside the home while the cleaning takes place.


In conclusion, any pest control company like ServiceZet offers services such as rodent, cockroach, ant, bed bug and termite removal. You can avail of these services by giving us a call on:

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So what are you waiting for? Get your home ready for pest control services and enjoy a healthy and sanitised lifestyle.