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What Do Express Cleaning Services Include?

The Pujas are around the corner and it is time to get your home cleaned for the 5 days of the festival. As guests, friends and family will be visiting, a tidy and neat home is necessary to make a good impression on them. Moreover, it is also necessary to keep and maintain a clean house so that the house stays germ-free and clean.

This Puja if you are returning home from abroad and are looking for express cleaning services, opt for the services from ServiceZet. We will do a thorough job and that will help your home sparkle and shine for the duration of the Pujas. So, get in touch with us today and we will clean your home properly.

5 things express cleaning services offers

Here are some of the services that are offered by ServiceZet for express cleaning.

  • Dusting furniture and fixtures

The first thing we will do in the express cleaning process is to dust. We will use feather dusters and cloths to dust the furniture off the layers of dust that may have covered it. We will shake out the cushions and the sofa cushions so that they are dust free. All the furniture and fixtures like lights, wall hangings, and paintings will be wiped down completely. Once the dust has been removed on we will move on to vacuuming.

express cleaning services

  • Vacuuming carpets and sofas

Once the furniture has been dusted, the dust particles, if heavy, will fall to the ground onto the carpet. If light, they will rise in the air and settle again, so you need to wipe these surfaces of the dust. So it is time to suck up dust with a vacuum. We will vacuum carpets and sofas, reaching the corners which are not usually cleaned in our express cleaning services.

  • Cleaning windows and fans

Next, we will move to clean the windows and the fans. The fans will be wiped down and scrubbed thoroughly by us so that the dust that collects on them throughout the year will be removed. Windows also attract a lot of dust. They are open to the outside world so soot from the roads also lands on them. We will scrub and wipe down windows.

  • Kitchen cleaning

Post cleaning the furniture in all rooms, we will move to the kitchen. Here we will do a thorough cleaning of the exhaust fan, ceiling and other parts of the kitchen. You can check out our separate service on kitchen cleaning and understand what we offer in that.

express cleaning services

  • Bathroom cleaning

After that, we will also clean the bathrooms specifically with the intention of removing stains, and other parts of the bathroom. After scrubbing every part of the bathroom we will wash it down and allow it to dry. You can check out our service page on the same for more details.

Overall our express cleaning services will take around 3-4 hours and a team of 3-4 members will visit your home with all the necessary equipment. We recommend post the cleaning you keep your home tidy and germ-free.


So, this Puja, opt for express cleaning services from ServiceZet. We will help you to enjoy your home this Puja and make it ready for the visitors who will gather there. Apart from the services offered, ServiceZet will also clean the floors and remove the cobwebs.

Hence, you can opt for the best professional services from ServiceZet this festive season and keep your home tidy.