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What Do Bathroom Cleaning Services in Kolkata Include?

Keeping a clean house is every person’s dream, especially if you have children or pets. However, this dream isn’t possible in this world where you are hard-pressed for time! So what do you do? You outsource the job, of course.

Hate cleaning the bathrooms? Offload the task to us! At ServiceZet, we love our cleaning jobs and don’t fear any room of the house including the bathroom.

Hence, opt for bathroom cleaning services and get your bathrooms spotlessly clear.

What Do Bathroom Cleaning Services Include?


  • Clean and Scrub the Floors

The bathroom floor is where you will find layers of gunk, watermarks, stains and chips or cracks on the floor. Hence, we pay special attention to the floor. If you require the floor to be polished, we are ready to do that as well. Once the watermarks have been removed, your floors will look polished and shiny!

  • Clean and Wipe Down the Cabinets

Bathroom cleaning services in Kolkata make sure to clean and wipe down the cabinets provided they are emptied by you at first. We will thoroughly wash and clean the cabinets, trying our best to remove hard stains. After they are cleaned, we will wipe them dry, leaving them smelling fresh and new.

bathroom cleaning services

  • Clean the Bathtub and Shower

Bathtub and shower cubicles can get filthy when used for long and not cleaned. Moreover, they can get mouldy, as water can collect there. Hence we will thoroughly scrub the bathtub and the showers down. Post that we will use some detergents to clean and polish the area so that it shines and feels fresh.

  • Disinfect and Clean the Toilet

Next comes the toilet. We will disinfect and clean the toilet making sure no germs are lurking in the U-bend! Jokes apart, we make sure the toilets are thoroughly cleaned and scrubbed down.

  • Scrub Down the Sink

Professional bathroom cleaning services in Kolkata will scrub down the sink, including under it. The sink will look as good as new.

  • Wipe and Shine the Bathroom Mirror

Lastly, we will wipe and shine the bathroom mirror. Polishing it with a little wax, the entire bathroom mirror will sparkle.

bathroom cleaning services

  • Ceiling

We will remove cobwebs, and spiders from the ceiling and make sure they have no hiding place. Moreover, we will dust every part of the bathroom including the windows and the grill.

  • Wipe the Geyser

Lastly, we will wipe the outsides of the geyser and other electrical appliances as you ask us. These appliances will be cleaned of grime and dirt.


Opt for bathroom cleaning services from ServiceZet. We have over 30 years of experience in the sanitisation, cleaning and pest control industry. Our services are unique because of the attention to detail that we provide. Moreover, we also ensure that our services come at competitive prices, so even you can afford them. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch for bathroom cleaning services from ServiceZet today!