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Ways to Keep your House Pest-Free and Healthy

Our home is the shelter that we looked back to after a busy day of work. Not just a shelter, our home provides us comfort and safety as well. But home is also a cosy shelter to uninvited guests – pests. 

Pests tend to invade your home unknowingly and build up their family and before you know it they have already caused serious damage to your home and your belongings. The most common pests that seek shelter in your home are termites, cockroaches and ants, rats and rodents, bugs, centipedes and millipedes, mosquitoes, and more. 

These pests enter from the cracks and crevices of your wall, gaps in your doors, windows, holes in your walls or from anywhere possible. They usually invade your home in search of food, water, shelter and safety. Once your house provides them with the most favourable living conditions, they spread like wildfire before you notice. A pest infestation can be quite serious and difficult to get rid of. To ensure effective deterring of pests, it is recommended that you get in touch with the best pest control company to avail professional and quality services. 

Getting in touch with professionals will help you enjoy the benefits of certified and-well trained pest controllers. Certified agencies adopt advanced equipment, techniques and procedures to effectively pest-proof your home. Such organisations also offer a range of other services such as cleaning and sanitizing action to help you ensure a healthier abode. 

In addition, you can also follow the below-mentioned procedure to keep pests at bay – 

  • Seal your doors, cracks and crevices

Pests are quite small and flexible to intrude your home through the cracks and crevices in your door. They sneak in from the tiniest hole possible to seek shelter in the comfortable atmosphere of your home. 

If you look closely, there is a high possibility for your doors to have gaps and cracks that may not be visible at a glance. These tiny cracks are enough spaces for pests to make a grand entry into your home. 

Thus, to prevent pests from entering your home, it is important for you to seal the gaps and crevices as quickly as possible. 

  • Add screens to your windows

No matter how appealing and soothing open windows are, it is the perfect entry point for pests. Along with the breeze, rats, ants, cockroaches and mosquitoes can make their way to your home without any obstructions. 

Adding screens to your windows can keep pests away from your home conveniently. Also, ensure there are no gaps present in-between as they can welcome pests again. 

  • Fill up gaps or cracks in your walls

Small cracks or gaps in your walls can also make way for pests. Along with availing the best pest control services in Kolkata, it is crucial that you fill these gaps to increase the effectiveness of the services and pest control solutions. 

At times, these gaps are often caused by termites, ants and pests. To detect the gaps, follow the trail of ants and termites or the entry points of the pests. 

  • Store your food properly

Food can be a great source of diseases like food poisoning and more. Contaminated food often tends to cause harm to your health that can get fatal if not treated on time. 

As mentioned, pests invade your home for food, it is recommended that you store your food properly and keep them covered. Unattended food attracts pests and when feeding on them they transmit bacteria that cause diseases in humans when consumed. 

Furthermore, keep your kitchen as clean and possible. A dirty, stinky and gunky kitchen is a great feed ground for pests like cockroaches and ants. You can get in touch with the best cleaning company in Kolkata for deep cleaning of your kitchen. 

  • Cover drains and open pipes

Open drains and pipes can be a suitable entry point for pests. Besides, they can also contaminate your water source, leading to severe and fatal diseases. 

Standing water can be quite dangerous as they provide suitable conditions for mosquito breeding, increasing the chances of mosquito-borne diseases like dengue and malaria. 

Thus, fix your open or broken pipes and keep your drains covered to seal the entry for pests. 

Final Thoughts…

Pest control has now become a basic necessity in view of the current pandemic scenario. Pests like cockroaches, rats and mosquitoes tend to transfer disease-causing bacteria, which can be fatal. Diseases like malaria, dengue, Chikungunya, dysentery, leprosy, cholera and typhoid fever are spread through water and food contaminated by pests. 

This is why it is extremely important to keep pests at bay so that you can keep yourself and your surroundings healthy. Unclean homes are the most favourable conditions for pest sand hence it is essential that you declutter your home and keep it clean and organised. For professional pest cleaning, you can get in touch with leading companies like ServiceZet. 

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