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Deep cleaning a home frequently has never been so important until the arrival of Covid-19. With the speedy spread of the disease, people are now getting more mindful about cleanliness in general. 

Homeowners are now more informed than ever on the need for maintaining cleanliness and hygiene and frequently sanitizing their abode. However, considering the whole work from home scenario, finding adequate time to clean and sanitize the entire home is pretty difficult. 

This is why the demand for the most reliable and the best cleaning company in Kolkata is increasing with each passing day. Professional help at cleaning can not only ensure a germ-free and tidy looking home but also instil peace of mind. Besides, the leading sanitation companies also allow you to customize the services to avail those that your house truly needs. 

But will only cleaning suffice? 

No, along with seeking help from a cleaning company, here are some factors that you should keep in mind in view of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

  • Be cautious with doorstep deliveries 

With the Government locking us indoors, there has been a copious amount of online purchases and doorstep deliveries. From groceries, medicines to other essentials, we are relying on the delivery agents to get them to us. 

But are the items safe to touch? 

As per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,  coronavirus can be transmitted by touching any object being contaminated by any Covid infected person. This means your box of burgers can be infected with Covid-19. 

Therefore, it is essential to sanitize your boxes or keep your groceries and packets out in the sun to kill the viruses possibly present. 

Also, while you are receiving your items make sure you are wearing a mask and gloves, and ensure that the delivery person is also wearing masks and gloves to confirm utmost safety. 

  • Take the utmost care when allowing people in the house 

Whether they are your guests or your house helper, in view of the current covid-19 scenario it is important to protect yourself while you have a visitor in your home. 

Keep this in mind also when you are allowing professionals to sanitize or clean your home. The professional visiting should also maintain his/her safety by wearing a mask and taking all the necessary precautions. 

Don’t panic, but be aware that even the agent coming to sanitize your home can also be a Covid-19 carrier. 

However, with ServiceZet you can ensure utmost safety. Our professionals maintain stringent safety protocols and it takes all the necessary precautions to confirm your health and hygiene. We are well equipped with the required knowledge, tools and machinery that would leave your home germ-free and spotlessly clean. 

Being an initiative of CCASPL, we have been trained to offer the best services to our possibilities keeping in mind your requirements and your safety. With years of experience, we have developed an innate understanding of what people seek from a cleaning company and how we can maintain the quality that confirms our client’s satisfaction. 

  • Clean or sanitize frequently touched surfaces

Tabletops, chairs, switches, doorknobs, and such other frequently touched services should be cleaned or sanitized at regular intervals. It is important to keep in mind that when you are returning back from outside, sanitize the doorknobs and switches as early as possible and do not touch any other surface before you freshen up and get your hands cleaned. 

Following this process can help you prevent the transmission of germs from you to other members of the family. For better results, you can call us for frequent cleaning of the entire property and other elements such as chair upholstery, sofa upholstery, furniture and more. 

  1. Don’t ignore bathroom hygiene 

Not just coronavirus, your bathroom can become a shelter for several germs and bacteria that can spread diseases. In some cases, the illness can be fatal enough to invite the demise of the affected person. This is why having a spotlessly clean and germ-free bathroom holds high importance. 

Considering the risk of disease spreading from a bathroom is significantly high, the chemicals used can be slightly different than the ones used to clean your tabletops. Therefore it is better to opt for professional cleaning services than trying to use regular cleaning solutions to sanitize or clean your bathroom. 

Along with the bathroom, your kitchen also needs special attention. Food safety is one of the greatest concerns that should never be compromised. Deep kitchen cleaning can help you prevent infestation of pests like cockroaches, rats, ants and more along with germs, bacteria and viruses. This also helps you prevent diseases spread by consuming contaminated food. 

Need help? 

Call the best cleaning company in Kolkata like ServiceZet and get your home cleaned and free of viruses, germs and bacteria. 

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During these turbulent times, such cleaning companies are nothing but a blessing in disguise!