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The New Normal for the Future Offices

To create a healthy workplace for the employees and for the customers, companies are adapting to newer techniques that can fight the coronavirus. Considering the current scenario, keeping offices clean and safe for employees and customers alike is now not just a requirement but also an urgency. Since many offices are again trying to begin operating in-house, adapting to coronavirus safety protocols is immensely important. In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, many offices are stepping up their cleaning methods, adapting to advanced technologies for disinfecting the area, reorganizing workspace and choosing professional office sanitizing services in Kolkata

Most of the offices have made it compulsory for employees to wash their hands on entering the premises, using sanitizers, and wearing a mask. Besides, companies are trying to minimise the spread by installing safety signage that reminds them to maintain distance, weak masks, wash hands, and more. 

Such precautionary measures are likely to be in action for the foreseeable future as a protocol for protection not only against coronavirus but other contagious diseases such as influenza, flu and more. In addition, there are other safety measures that should be taken to curtail the spread of contagious viruses and combat the deadly situation. Some of which are given below – 

  • Make use of ventilators and air filters

As the viruses spread through the air, keeping the air clean at all times is of prime importance to reduce the spread. Why many companies are already installing air ventilators and filters, it is your turn to make the necessary investment and protect your employees. Having air ventilators and filters also keep the air clean and free from allergens, dust particles, pollen and other elements that can make people ill. Having such equipment in the workspace helps in changing the direction of airflow as necessary and getting rid of contaminated air. Filtration of air is not only a common practice but also one of the fundamental responsibilities of an employer towards his employees. 

  • Frequent cleaning

The pandemic demands a new standard of cleanliness to battle its adversities. And not just cleaning, in view of the current scenario, offices now require deep cleaning to keep away dust particles, pollens, allergens, moulds and other unwanted elements. Opting for office cleaning services in Kolkata can also help in getting rid of pest infestation that can contaminate the surroundings and taint the food present in the office pantry. 

  • Installing sanitizing technologies 

Touch-free sanitizing technology is a boon in this current scenario. Installing such equipment reduces the spread of germs in offices. Such technologies may include motion sensors and foot-operated machinery that minimise contact with the equipment and other peers. 

In addition to the above, sanitizing your office frequently is also one of the best ways you can combat the spread of viruses and prevent your employees from falling sick. 

  • Workspace protocols 

Along with maintaining social distancing, there are other rules and regulations that you can implement to protect your employees from getting infected. You can reduce the employee count in a day by altering shifts for each employee. While half of your strength can work from the office one day, the other half can work from home and get back to the office the next day, while the first half stays home. Ask your employees to reduce contact with surfaces as much as possible, use masks and sanitizers and wash hands frequently. Instruct them to cover their mouth with their elbow when coughing or sneezing and avoid touching their face frequently. 

Following the protocols mentioned above can help you prevent your employees from getting frequently sick, reduce absenteeism and increase work productivity. Besides, ensuring a safe and clean environment for your employees and customers adds up to your credibility, helping you earn more recognition and acceptance, catapulting your growth.