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Steps to Follow while Cleaning and Sanitizing your Home

Cleaning has often been considered a strenuous chore, and only a few understood the advantage and the thrills of cleaning and sanitizing the premises. With the attack of Covid-19, situations have taken a 360-degree turn and made cleaning a living necessity. The need for cleaning has increased and keeping a hygienic and sanitized surrounding has now become imperative. 

With a severe lockdown being imposed, and having no help at home during the time, self-cleaning and sanitizing has become a regular activity. 

Even if you do not like it, you cannot skip it! 

A major lesson taught by Covid-19, keeping the surrounding clean and hygienic is not just a requirement but is paramount for healthy living. Much like working out or dieting, you will require determination, discipline and a strong will-power to develop a habit of keeping your space clean and healthy for the people around you. 

Whether self-cleaning and sanitizing or hiring a professional, there are some factors that you need to keep in mind and steps that you need to follow by yourself. 

Having said that, while you opt for a home sanitization in Kolkata, here are some of the factors or steps that you should keep in mind to keep your abode healthy and safe for you and your loved ones. 

Step-1 – De-clutter your room 

Every corner of your room should be cleaned and sanitized to ensure health and hygiene. For this keeping, an organised and de-cluttered room is of prime importance. Excess clutter in the rooms can leave you in a state of disarray, thus, increasing your stress and agitation. To ease the cleaning process, save time and prevent bouts of anger, get rid of unnecessary and unwanted objects in your room. 

Years of study has proven that decluttering your surroundings helps you keep gunk away and keeps your mind free. This proves to be a vital step in case you have a small room. Decluttering will not only give your room a cleaner feel but makes it look spacious and fresh. 

Besides, being organized is a good habit to keep! 

Step-2 – Keep your bathrooms and kitchen organized

Your bathroom and kitchen are the two major corners of your house. Plus, these two rooms can also be a rich source of diseases. The amount of germs, bacteria and viruses present in your bathroom and pests in your kitchen can wreak havoc on your health. 

To keep diseases at bay keeping your bathroom and kitchen sanitized and clean is high on priority. While you sanitize your kitchen and bathroom it is essential that you keep these two corners of your room organised. This also helps in preventing contamination of food or essential products while sanitizing. 

While cleaning, make sure that you get rid of the greasy elements in your kitchen and the slippery deposits in your bathroom. These filthy elements give your bathroom and kitchen a smelling and disgusting look and odour while inviting pests and germs to affect your health. 

Step-3 –Re-organize your work room

Your work room also needs to be sanitized as you spend most of the hours of your day over there, especially because of the lockdown scenario. Thus, reorganizing your home office is essential. Moreover the presence of electric appliances makes the need for a clean and sanitized surrounding necessary. Accumulation of dust, pollens and allergens can not only attack your appliances but also affect your health. 

Also, droplets of water or sanitizer can break your appliances internally thus making you face work hassles and financial losses. This is why it is important to reorganize your office desk and room and to keep them covered throughout the cleaning and sanitizing process. In case you have any living plants, it is recommended that you keep them away while your room is getting sanitized to avoid killing the greenery that you have. 

Once sanitization is completed, you can make some desired changes in your room and shift places for some elements to give your office room a new and fresh look. 

Step-4 – Switch-off your electronics 

Keeping your electrical appliance switched off and unplugged is highly recommended during the cleaning and sanitizing process. This prevents short circuits and damage to the appliances. Also, try to keep your appliances covered during the sanitizing or cleaning process to prevent droplets of water or medicine from falling on them. 

Step-5 – Learn the aftercare procedure 

After sanitizing and cleaning is done it is important to follow the aftercare process to increase the effectiveness of the service. Also, following the aftercare process ensures your safety. Learn when to next mop your home or when you can switch on your appliances post sanitization. Furthermore, be aware if other precautions and steps need to be followed. 

Last but not the least, get your family members involved in the process. You can together declutter your rooms and keep them organised to ensure a seamless home sanitization in Kolkata. Nevertheless, if anyone is allergic or has any problems with the chemicals used it is important that you keep them away during the process.