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Steps To Ensure A Clean and Healthy Office

Since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, people have been focusing more on cleaning and sanitizing. Although these were the basic necessities of living, somehow got burdened under our restricted corporate schedule. But with time, people soon realise that we have been compromising the most important factors to keep us healthy and ensure a healthy survival. 

With that said, the need for cleaning services cannot be stressed any further. After a heavy battle against the coronavirus, we, at our own pace, are slowly coming out of our shells and life is getting back to normal. Shops and offices are opening up. And offices are now again working with full manpower.  This calls for professional office cleaning services in Kolkata to protect the health of the employees and increase productivity of work. 

Many associate cleaning with only health, however, it is important to realise that a clean office not just protects one’s health but also uplifts the mood. And research has explained pretty well that employees working in a happy and good mood tend to be more productive than otherwise. This is why it is important to provide them with a happy, healthy and hygienic work environment so that they can work dedicatedly and give their best. 

Also, a clean and healthy office helps you avoid absenteeism. The better work environment you provide your employees with, the more enthusiastic they will be to attend office. In other words, a clean and sanitized office ensures less sick leaves. 

That being said, let us look at some effective steps in which you can protect your office completely – 

Step 1  – Identify the high-touched areas 

Viruses spread through contact. Therefore it is important to identify the high-touched areas and get them disinfected. Some of the most common areas that need frequent disinfection are doorknobs, switches, wash basins and taps, chairs and tabletops, water filters, elevator switches, canteen desks, game tables and more. For electrical appliances, you can seek guidance from the leading sanitization and cleaning service providers and do what is necessary. 

Step 2 – Clean and disinfect the surrounding

Upon identifying the areas that need to be cleaned and disinfected you can opt for professional office sanitizing services in Kolkata to combat the spread of viruses and infection. Choose to get your office deep clean once in a while and get rid of stubborn dust and grime. 

It is important to remember that you are trying to create a safe environment for your employees. Therefore, request your clearing service providers to make use of safe solutions and formulas throughout the process. Using harsh and toxic solutions can degrade the quality of air and also leave behind an irritating smell. 

Furthermore, it is crucial to realise that cleaning and sanitizing work the best together and increase each other’s durability. Besides, sanitization works more effectively if the surface is cleaned beforehand. Therefore, opt for deep cleaning services before you choose to sanitize the place for better results. 

Step 3 – Follow Covid-19 safety protocols

The pandemic is not ending so soon. Hence it is important to follow the covid-19 protocols to protect ourselves. To protect your employees from falling sick every other day, follow the basic covid-19 protocols. These include – 

  • Wearing masks
  • Frequent hand washing
  • Maintaining social distancing
  • Getting everyone vaccinated
  • Frequent covid-19 tests
  • Granting work from home as and when possible 

Following the above points can help you protect yourself and your employees from getting infected and diseased. 

Step 4 – Choose frequent health checkup

You can also opt for small health camps to get your employees a free health check up. This will alarm you if someone is infected with contagious diseases before the situation gets out of hand. 


The above steps are quite simple yet effective. Following them can help you reduce the chances of an infected and unhygienic environment. Creating a healthy atmosphere for your employees helps you streamline the workflow and increase your productivity. Besides, in view of the current covid-19 scenario it is essential to understand the importance of combating the spread of the virus through simple methods like sanitization and wearing masks. Coronavirus is here to stay and with a rapid mutation rate we do not see the end of this pandemics any near. 

Therefore, open your office doors to only those vaccinated with both the doses. You can also arrange for vaccination camps to get your employees vaccinated conveniently before reopening your office. 

Furthermore opt for office cleaning services in Kolkata frequently to reduce the chances of infection. For a cleaner and healthier office, you can now get in touch with ServiceZet. 

We intend to deliver our best and provide effective solutions to your problems. We make sure that your office or home is protected from such deadly viruses and is clean and hygienic. Along with sanitization and cleaning we also offer pest control services, plumbing assistance and electrical maintenance. 

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