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ServiceZet’s Bathroom Deep Cleaning Services Checklist!

Everyone loves a clean, sanitised, and nice-smelling bathroom. We at ServiceZet know that!

We are in the business of transforming bathrooms into the kind of room you have no fear of entering.

Hence, regularly opt for bathroom deep cleaning services from us and keep your water closet absolutely spick and span!

Check out the details of how we keep your bathroom clean, only in this blog!

Moreover, if you opt for our bathroom cleaning services, this blog serves as a checklist for all the tasks we will do for you. So what are you waiting for? Read on!

Bathroom Deep Cleaning Services Checklist

Here are some of the aspects of bathroom cleaning that ServiceZet will take care of!

  • Cleaning of Water Closet and Wash Basin

Our team will scrub the water closet and washbasin properly. We will use cleaners and detergents to get rid of water stains and other stains that may have formed. However, we do not guarantee the removal of hard stains. We will try our best but if the material gets damaged, we do not assume responsibility for the same.

bathroom deep cleaning services

  • Scrubbing floors and walls

In an Indian-style bathroom, the walls and floors get stained very quickly with the application of water and soap. Hence, it will require a lot of scrubbing and polishing. We will take care of this aspect of the work and ensure that your bathroom’s walls and floors shine bright.

  • Bathtub

Our bathroom deep cleaning services will make sure the bathtub, where you enjoy a good soak, will be scrubbed and cleaned. It will help you to enjoy your bathtub and the afternoons that you spend soaking and relaxing in it.

  • Shelves and Cabinets

We will scrub and clean the shelves and cabinets from the outside only. However, if there are open shelves, you need to clear them out and we will scrub them from the inside. This is sure to make your bathroom a beautiful and pleasant room.

  • Removal of cobwebs

The bathroom ceiling can get festooned with cobwebs thanks to spiders. While we also offer pest control services in Kolkata to get rid of the spiders, we also assist in the cleaning of the bathroom ceilings.

  • Cleaning of mirror and glass

We will clean the mirrors and any glass fixtures that are there in the bathroom. Polishing and shining the mirrors and glass fixtures will ensure that your bathroom sparkles and shines in the best possible way. We will get rid of water and steam marks and splash marks.

  • Cleaning of the exhaust fan

The bathroom’s exhaust fan is most likely to get filthy as there is a mix of steam and dirt that makes it very grimy. Hence, we will clean the exhaust fan so that it does not look like an eyesore.

  • Dusting of geyser

We will dust the geyser from the outside and wipe it down properly. We do not service the inside of the geyser. The outside will be cleaned nicely until it is polished.

bathroom deep cleaning services


Bathroom deep cleaning services from ServiceZet will certainly help you to keep the bathroom in your house clean and pristine. You can contact us on the following numbers and book an appointment:

  • +91 99033 55553
  • +91 75960 53900
  • 033 4019 1400

We will reach out to you!

In conclusion, our services are available in Kolkata city for the benefit of all. So, if you are looking for bathroom cleaning services, do not hesitate to reach out to ServiceZet.