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We offer a range of cleaning, sanitizing and maintenance services that keep your home healthy and hygienic. Explore our services to know more.

PEST Control

Pests can not only cause harm to your property but also put you at risk of dangerous diseases. Pests like rats, cockroaches, ants, termites and more can lead to life-threatening diseases like Chikungunya, Hantavirus, Cholera, Dysentery and more. Additionally, many may also develop allergies and respiratory diseases from the faeces or dead bodies of some pests. It is thus important to treat your home and get rid of the pests to protect your quality of living.

Cockroaches and Ants

Get rid of cockroaches and answers with our spray and gel treatment to ensure a pest-free environment.

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Bed Bug

With our spray treatment you can now make your home bed bug free. Call us today.

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Proper inspections of walls through drilling process and suitable solutions can keep termites away.

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Cleaning is a basic necessity to upkeep the quality of living. Keeping the current scenario in mind, we acknowledge the pressing need for a clean and healthy atmosphere to combat diseases and live stress-free. You can get in touch with our professionals to avail quality cleaning services and keep your home healthy and hygienic. We offer a range of deep cleaning and general cleaning services to address your requirements and create a healthy living atmosphere.

Chair Upholstery

Ensure cleaner chair upholstery with our cleaning services.

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Sofa Upholstery

Protect your sofa upholstery from dirt. Call us for cleaning services.

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Dining Chairs

Keep your fancy dining chairs clean with our quality cleaning services.

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Keep your cushions clean as new. Call us today.

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Bathroom General Cleaning

Keep your bathroom clean and odour free with our services.

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Bathroom Deep Cleaning

Say no to germs. Call us for bathroom deep cleaning.

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Kitchen Cleaning

Cook healthy food in a clean kitchen. Call us today.

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Carpet Cleaning

Keep your carpet brand new. Call us for professional carpet cleaning.

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Marble Polishing

Ensure spotless marbles. Polish them with us.

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Express Cleaning

Keep you home clean, hygienic and healthy with our express cleaning services.

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Deep Cleaning

We can help you deep clean your home and keep it dust free. Call us today.

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With the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, the need for sanitization cannot be stressed more. We understand that sanitization is now a basic requirement to keep the surroundings healthy and combat the spread of germs and viruses. Thus, we offer complete sanitization of the home to create a healthy living environment. We make use of safe and effective solutions to ensure long-term and the best sanitization of your home. Call us today to book our complete home sanitization services.

Complete sanitization

Opt for a complete sanitization service to bid goodbye to germs. We make use of the cold forging process that is quite effective to eliminate germs, viruses and bacteria from the surrounding.

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Who We Are

We started as a manpower vehicle to Chatterjee Cleaning Arts Services Pvt. Ltd. With dedication, knowledge and expertise, we have been serving as a health and hygiene specialist for 30 years to residential properties, corporate spaces and commercial outlets. We aim to create a safe and healthy surrounding for all with our comprehensive services. We make use of advanced methodology to address cleaning, pest control, sanitizing, electrical maintenance and plumbing needs of all homes. We also offer Pre-Covid and post-Covid sanitization to combat the spread of germs.

  • 30 years of experience in this field
  • Backed up by trained and skilled professionals
  • Your one-stop destination for cleaning, pest control, sanitization
  • Serving in Kolkata, Delhi and Lucknow
  • We make use of advanced equipment and tools for better delivery of services
  • We maintain all the safety protocols while delivering our services
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What we serve

We offer a wide range of services that can be segregated into 5 major categories, including –

  • Pest Control includes pests like bed bugs, termites, ants, cockroaches, rats and rodents and more.
  • Cleaning includes cleaning for chair upholstery, sofa upholstery, dining chairs, cushions, bathroom, kitchen, carpet and marble polishing.
  • Sanitization
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    Our Clients

    Apart from residential properties, we also serve several industries like -

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