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Kitchen Cleaning

Food is one of the primary sources of nutrition and disease.

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Kitchen Clean1,500.00
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Food is one of the primary sources of nutrition and disease. Contaminated food can lead to several health issues that can also be life-threatening after a certain time. Your kitchen worktops, stove, chopping boards and other elements need to be thoroughly cleaned every day. Besides, the kitchen floor and the corners should also be deep clean as frequently as possible. 

The corners and other difficult to reach areas of the kitchen can be a shelter for rodents and roaches which may further contaminate food. Consuming contaminated food can lead to several health disorders, some of which can also be fatal. 

An unclean kitchen can fuel the growth of bacteria and viruses. Considering the current scenario, people are now concerned with the growth and spread of viruses and hence kitchen cleaning becomes a frequent necessity. That being said, a healthy and clean kitchen also lifts up your mood while cooking and it makes your family happy while eating. 

A dirty kitchen can also lead to foodborne illness and other stomach issues due to cross-contamination or spoilage. Besides, a clean kitchen can save you from a lot of embarrassment, extend the life of your appliances and manage your eatables efficiently. Besides, a clean and non-greasy kitchen can also prevent accidents and restores the aesthetic appeal of your home.

How do ServiceZet help? 

At ServiceZet, you get the best cleaning services possible. We are a team of experienced and trained cleaning service providers, delivering our services for years. Being under the umbrella of CCASPL, we have the required knowledge and expertise regarding the rules and requirements of this industry. Standing as one of the leading cleaning, sanitisation and pest control providers, we strive to deliver the best quality of service to our possibilities. 

Depending on the condition of your kitchen we decide on the process of cleaning, chimneys excluded. However, if your kitchen owns a chimney, kindly inform us in advance. Our services include Gas oven and Sink cleaning, dusting of appliances from outside, cleaning of kitchen slab, cleaning of kitchen drawers if emptied, exhaust fan and window cleaning, cobweb removal, removing and placing of utensils, floor scrubbing. 

Tip – Keep your worktops as clean as possible and use dishwashers if required. Do not keep your food uncovered to prevent contamination.