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Dining Chairs

Keeping your furniture clean is not just a choice but a necessity. 

Area (Sqft) Single Service
4-6 dining chairs550.00
4-6 dining chairs + 6 seater sofa1,500.00
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Keeping your furniture clean is not just a choice but a necessity. Accumulation of dirt and grime can impose several health issues for the people around. This is why frequent cleaning is of paramount importance to safeguard your health and wellness. Considering dining chairs are essential elements of the home, it needs utmost care and cleaning. With or without upholstery, dining chairs should be deeply cleaned frequently so as to get rid of any grime, food stains, and bad odours. 

Besides, frequent cleaning can also make your furniture shine and restore its beauty and colour. Although you might be dusting it every day, frequent deep cleaning is also important which can get difficult for you as you may lack the required equipment and techniques. This is why getting in touch with a professional can help you ensure your health and hygiene. 

Stains and food leftovers can invite roaches, rodents, flies and other insects which can further contaminate your food, leading to diseases and serious health issues. Also, such stains can be a home to bacteria and viruses which can further deteriorate the safety and hygiene of your home.

How do ServiceZet help? 

At ServiceZet, we take extra precautions to ensure quality cleaning of the furniture. We take extra precautions to ensure no damage is caused to your belongings. We cater our services for 4-6 chairs and a 6-seater sofa each session at an affordable price. To be noted, the charges are different for sofas and hence get in touch with us today. 

ServiceZet is an initiative by CCASPL, offering quality service for years. Our staff is well-experienced and trained to be able to offer a clean, healthy and hygienic home after every session. We maintain all the safety measures to protect you and our staff to our best possibilities.

Tip – Opt for scheduled cleaning to get rid of the dirt and stain. As a regular activity, dust them well to prevent dirt from accumulating.