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Cushions are essential elements of your home.


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Cushions are essential elements of your home. The upholstery of your cushions plays an integral part in uploading the look and feel of your home. Frequent cleaning can help you get rid of all the grime that has been sitting on the upholstery and ruining its look and feel. 

Besides, dirt accumulation can be the perfect hiding spots for pests and germs which can lead to health deterioration and issues that can lead to critical health situations in the long run. Hence, scheduled cleaning comes as a blessing to those households willing to have a healthy and hygienic surrounding. 

Considering last year’s catastrophe, cleanliness has now become an essential part of daily living. With the need for a clean and germ-free home rising each day, cushion cleaning unfolds itself as an essential component of the home that requires cleaning too. And since it is found in direct contact with our body and often closer to our nasal passage, it is essential that it is not only spotless but germ-free to avoid infection or respiratory tract disorders.

How do ServiceZet help? 

ServiceZet is an initiative by CCASPL which makes it the perfect fit for all your domestic cleaning needs. With years of experience, we have learned that every corner and every element of your home should be thoroughly cleaned so as to confirm health. Every member of our team maintains the safety protocols so that we do not become a threat to any of our clients nor do we spread any disease or ailments. After a thorough understanding of your needs and depending on the material and quality of your cushion, our cleaning method is decided.

Tip – To avoid risk, it is better to opt for frequent cleaning. In case your cushion is extremely dirty, avoid using it or getting it in contact with your body and nasal passage to ensure your safety.