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Complete sanitization

Opt for a sanitized home and bid goodbye to germs. Get in touch with ServiceZet for complete sanitization. 

Area (Sqft) Single Service Double Service
Up to 500500.00
501 to 800700.00
801 to 1200900.00
1201to 18001,200.00
1801 to 24001,500.00

2020 has been a great year for us. Although we were aware that germs are present, we were reluctant enough to get rid of them. But with life being threatened last year, we are now more concerned about our health and hygiene, thus the need for sanitization. Scheduled sanitisation is now a thing and is considered by 99% of the population. Not only ourselves but also keeping our surroundings clean and sanitised is of prime importance. 

Frequent sanitisation is highly important to contain the spread of covid-19. It is recommended to up for professional sanitization services to ensure complete sanitisation of your home without imposing any threat to your survival.  

How do ServiceZet help? 

ServiceZet is an initiative by CCASPL, to bring home cleanliness and hygiene. Apart from corporates, CCASPL renders their services to households through ServiceZet. Considering the current scenario, we make use of the cold fogging process to eliminate the presence of germs, viruses and bacteria that can impose a threat to mankind. 

We acknowledge the pressing need for sanitisation to contain the spread, and as a part of our mission, vision and social responsibility, we offer our services to homes with non-infected, infected and recovered individuals. 

We take all the necessary precautions to avoid being infected or spreading infection so that we can contribute to the health and hygiene of our clients. Additional safety precautions are taken while sanitising homes with an active Covid-19 case so that we can help the concerned person speed up the recovery process effectively. We cater to all homes of up to 2400 sq ft area at an affordable rate, which may vary depending on the area.

Tip – Opt for scheduled sanitisation, especially for homes having working individuals, where every member of the home needs to step out. If anyone is tested positive for Covid-19 should stay isolated and get the surroundings sanitised as frequent as possible. Also, keep washing your hands and wearing masks to fight the situation.