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Cockroaches and Ants

Now get rid of ants and cockroaches to ensure a clean, healthy and hygienic home.

Area (Sqft) Single Service Double Service
Up to 500550.00
501 to 800600.00
801 to 1200700.00
1201to 1800850.00
1801 to 2400950.00

Cockroaches and ants are not directly harmful, but they can help in transferring bacteria from one place to another. In case it sits on your food, it will possibly be transferring bacteria from other filth to your food, which can lead to stomach issues and other health problems. 

Besides, there are people who may be allergic to cockroach exoskeletons and their poop. The allergens may lead to sneezing, congestion, watery eyes and even fatal bronchial inflammation with wheezing, recurrent cough and difficulty in breathing. Additionally, asthma in children triggered by pests is quite common.   

While one may not be a problem, but a large number can impose difficulties that may get difficult to handle. As per the experts, it is said that an army of cockroaches and ants can impose diseases and also destroy the health and safety of your home. 

This increases the pressing need for pest control to get rid of these little beauties and ensure a healthy and clean home. Get in touch with ServiceZet and ensure your health today.   

How do ServiceZet help? 

An initiative by CCASPL, ServiceZet is one of the leading cleaning, sanitisation and pest control service providers in Kolkata.  With years of experience, we have realised that Spray and Gel treatment is one of the most effective techniques that can ensure a pest-free for long. With a skilled and experienced workforce, we make sure that your health and hygiene is never compromised. We cater up to 2400 sq ft of area. 

Tip – Cockroaches and ants tend to taint uncovered food. Hence, keep your eatables covered so that they can be out of reach for these tiny monsters. Clean your house regularly, especially the corners, as cockroaches and ants tend to hind in unclean areas. You may see a group out there but the army is hiding somewhere in your house, out of your sight.