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Chair Upholstery

Upholstery is an essential process that protects your furniture from getting damaged.


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Upholstery is an essential process that protects your furniture from getting damaged. Basically, upholstery is a method in which the frame of a chair or the furniture is attached with cushions, pads or fabrics. This prevents it from shocks or damage from falling. That being said, though these lifts up the look and feel of your furniture, the need for deep cleaning is of prime importance. Upholstery is a favourite shelter for pests, dust and grime. If not cleaned properly, your health may be of great concern. 

Many may develop an allergy from the pollens, dust and grime present on the upholstery. Besides, unclean upholstery can also invite germs, bacteria and viruses that can wreak havoc to your health, causing stomach problems and even fatal diseases. Furthermore, unclean upholstery is a common shelter for rats, bed bugs and cockroaches. Therefore scheduled cleaning plays a pivotal role in not only saving your furniture but also your health. 

And not just health, an unclean upholstery can affect the dignity and the look of your home. So, when you take a step ahead and invest in aesthetic upholstery it is recommended that you spend some more to get them cleaned frequently.

How do ServiceZet help? 

At ServiceZet, you can get foam-based shampooing to ensure deeper cleaning of your upholstery. Our trained professionals will reach your house with all the required equipment on the pre-decided date to get your chair upholstery to look brand new. Our team of experts believe in rendering quality services and make sure that your health and hygiene is never compromised.

Tip Opt for frequent chair upholstery cleaning from ServiceZet. Also, broom your upholstery to get rid of the dirt and grime. Do not leave behind any garbage, such as wrappers or food plastics to avoid welcoming rodents and roaches.