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Bathroom General Cleaning

A clean bathroom is an essential requirement of our life.

Area (Sqft) Single Service
Single Bathroom475.00
Double Bathroom800.00
Tipple Bathroom1,100.00
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A clean bathroom is an essential requirement of our life. It directly affects our health, hygiene, wellness and quality of living. An unclean bathroom can impose a health threat to the people using it and can lead to issues with breathing, urinary tract disease, stomach issues and more. 

Inhaling dust and moulds can lead to serious health concerns especially for the ones already suffering from respiratory disorders such as bronchitis, asthma, COPD, and more. Furthermore, pathogens, micro-organisms, bacteria and viruses can live on the bathroom surface for weeks. If you regularly keep your bathroom clean you are basically killing the bacteria and germs, thus preventing them from imposing health threats. These organisms can lead to several stomach issues as well, which can lead to serious conditions that can even be life-threatening. These microorganisms present on the bathroom surface can also lead to skin problems that can worsen over time. 

One of the major threats of an unclean bathroom is UTI or Urinary Tract Infection that is now quite common these days. Furthermore, an unclean bathroom can also increase the risk of accidents which can further impose life threats, especially for the older adults of the house. Also, the bad odour can not only drive away your guests but also make living for your family members a bit difficult. Hence, opt today bathroom cleaning services.

How do ServiceZet help? 

ServiceZet specialises in Bathroom cleaning services and deep cleaning of the bathroom. Depending on your requirement and the condition of your bathroom our team shall decide the best-suited procedure required for cleaning. Our team strained and specialises in thorough cleaning of the bathroom so that we can prevent the spread of diseases and ensure your health. With years of experience, we have gathered the required knowledge to render quality services to the best of our possibilities. Our services include Cleaning of WC and Wash Basin, shelves and cabinets from outside and open shelves if emptied, removing of cobweb, mirror and glass cleaning, the dusting of geyser, windows and exhaust fan dusting. 

Tip Make use of air fresheners to get rid of the bad odour caused by the microorganisms in your bathroom. Keep it clean as much as possible and get in touch with us for a deeper cleaning frequently.