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Electrical issues increase the risk of accidents and mishaps if not addressed on time. To safeguard your family and to prevent hazards that can affect your property, it is important to opt for scheduled checking and maintenance. With our team of trained professionals, we can help you identify the causes of the electrical issues and offer significant solutions to it. You can also opt for free video consultations so that we can lend you a brief idea about the issue and how we should proceed with the process.

Get in touch with us to avail our technical services like –

  • Thorough checking of electrical line
  • Load balancing check
  • Measurement of voltage & earth
  • Tightness as and where applicable
  • Supply ensure of all sockets
  • Checking of MCB / Fuses
  • Illumination check if required
  • Looking for any abnormal heating issue in electrical line
  • Checking of safety parameter
  • Finding out of electrical hazard
  • Identify the electrical fault

Note: We charge one time visit fee and accessories will be charged on actual (as per client approval)

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