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A clean house is a safe and healthy abode. There is no need to explain the requirement for cleaning your home regularly and deep cleaning frequently. Your furniture and other belongings also require frequent cleaning to extend the shelf-life. Besides, cleaning also helps in avoiding allergies and other health disorders. Keeping your house clean will help you stop the spread of germs and ensure health and hygiene for you and your family.

General Cleaning

Chair Upholstery

Upholstery is an essential process that protects your furniture from getting damaged.

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Sofa Upholstery

Similar to the chairs, sofa upholstery is of prime importance. Along with a cleaner look, cleaning upholstery also promotes your health.

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Dining Chairs

Keeping your furniture clean is not just a choice but a necessity. 

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Cushions are essential elements of your home.

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Bathroom General Cleaning

A clean bathroom is an essential requirement of our life.

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Bathroom Deep Cleaning

Bathrooms are an essential corner of the home

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Kitchen Cleaning

Food is one of the primary sources of nutrition and disease.

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Carpet Cleaning

As beautiful as it may be, carpets can be a great home for pests and a great hiding shelter for roaches and rodents.

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Marble Polishing

Ensure a clean, shining and polished marble floor with ServiceZet.

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Home Cleaning

Express Cleaning

A clean home is a healthy home. Along with the elements of your home, thorough cleaning of your home is also essential.

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Deep Cleaning

Keeping your house clean is of paramount importance.

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