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Pest Control Kolkata from ServiceZet

Kolkata’s hot, humid, and muggy climate is perfect for the proliferation of several pests. Hence its citizens are always on the lookout for the best pest control in Kolkata to get rid of annoying critters. In case you have tried several pest control services in the past and have not been happy with the result, you need to try the best pest control service in Kolkata which is from ServiceZet.

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What Are the Pest Control Services Offered?

Services from ServiceZet include the following:

  • Termite Control

Termites are small white cousins of ants. They destroy woodwork, furnishings and other wooden beams. The trace of their occupancy is visible before you can spot the critters themselves. Hence, if you notice these, call the best termite control in Kolkata.

pest control in Kolkata

  • Bed Bug Control

Ghastly little bugs that suck your blood when you sleep, bed bugs are a nuisance. Hence, you can get rid of these bed bugs with the best bed bug control in Kolkata.

  • Cockroach Control

We will remove cockroaches from your home with our cleaning services. Hence, you can apply for our cockroach cleaning services today.

  • Ant Control

Contact us for pest control Kolkata and ant removal at a nominal price. We will inspect your premises and see where the infestation stems from and then attack it at that part.

  • Rodent Control

Rats and bandicoots can be removed easily by our pest control services. We will inspect your home to identify the places where they lurk and get rid of them. Moreover, we can suggest where you can place rat traps and fix your house to prevent another infestation.

  • Mosquito Control

Empty spaces or ponds need to be sprayed to prevent mosquitos from breeding. Hence, we can do the same for you all at a nominal rate. Mosquitoes are vectors as well so you can be protected from them.

  • Spider Control

Apart from building massive webs, spiders can also cause problems if they were to crawl over you. Who hasn’t experienced a spider lick? Hence, get rid of these critters by using pest control services.

pest control in Kolkata

  • Lizard Control

Lizards are usually present when insects abound. Hence, pest control in Kolkata can really help to prevent these creatures from entering your home.

Why Choose ServiceZet as Your Pest Control Solutions?

Here are some of the reasons you should choose us as your pest control solution partner.

  • We offer residential and commercial services.
  • Experienced professionals
  • 30+ years of industry experience.


About Us

ServiceZet is one of the best pest control companies located in Kolkata, West Bengal. Our company also has branches in Delhi and Mumbai. Looking to expand our reach into metropolitan cities, we are a branch of Chatterjee Cleaning Arts Services Pvt. Ltd., having over 30+ years of experience in the pest control field.


Undoubtedly, the best pest control in Kolkata is from ServiceZet!

Pests are creatures that cause harm to human existence and life. Hence, we try to get rid of them as they also spread diseases.

Getting rid of pests makes your home hygienic, clean and sanitary.

ServiceZet offers a lot of pest control services with which you can get rid of any critters in your house.

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