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Pest Control in Kolkata: Why Is Kolkata a Breeding Ground for Critters?

Kolkata is a major city in Eastern India. It is located near the river Hooghly and is a vibrant and lively place. However, the climate of the place is such that it allows a lot of pests like mosquitoes, cockroaches, termites, and bed bugs to proliferate. Hence, we require pest control in Kolkata. In this blog, we will look at the different factors that make Kolkata a breeding ground for pests and what can be done about it.

Bugs and critters need warm temperatures and humid air in which to breed and multiply. Hence, they are likelier to grow in the warmth and heat of Kolkata’s summer and monsoon temperatures. Therefore, you will require pest control services to get rid of any outbreak of pests in your homes in Kolkata.

Why Is Kolkata a Breeding Ground for Pests?

Let’s take a look at 5 reasons why Kolkata is a breeding ground for pests.

  • Reason #1: Moisture

Located on the banks of the River Hooghly, the moist and damp region of Kolkata is a breeding ground for pests like termites and mosquitoes. Termites in fact proliferate where there is moisture. They need the moisture to build their homes in wood. So you can either invest in a dehumidifier to get rid of the moisture in the air. All pests need sufficient water to survive, hence a naturally moist location is a great plus point to their growth.

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  • Reason #2: Temperature

For pests to proliferate the temperature needs to be just right. Since most insects are cold-blooded creatures they need a warm location to multiply rapidly. The average mean temperature is around 26.8 degrees Celsius in Kolkata. This is perfect for insects like bed bugs and termites to breed rapidly. Hence, Kolkata’s warm, moisture-filled weather forms the ideal place for pests to breed. Therefore, one needs pest control in Kolkata.

  • Reason #3: Rainfall

Whenever there is rainfall, water collects in small pockets across the city. These small pockets form the breeding ground for mosquito larva. Moreover, most insects come out of their nooks and crannies and enter homes which are drier during this period. Hence, the rains cause a “migration” of insects to the homes where they breed.

  • Reason #4: Humidity

Kolkata lies near the tropics and the sea coast near the Bay of Bengal. This causes it to be very humid and warm. The steady inflow of warm wet air makes the city a haven for critters. Kolkata receives 1640mm of annual rainfall, around 1248mm during the monsoon. Moreover, humidity levels in Kolkata go above 70% which is higher than average. Hence, you can understand why it is such a breeding spot for pests requiring pest control Kolkata.

  • Reason #5: Pollution

The World Health Organisation stated that Kolkata was the 25th most polluted city in the world. Hence, you can imagine the number of rats and rodents that breed in these places. Throwing garbage out in the open and open dumping of wastes produces pests to breed without control. Hence, a polluted city is a cause for much of the mosquitoes and rodent infestation in Kolkata.

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Hence, the reasons Kolkata is such a breeding ground for pests and requires pest control Kolkata has been clearly explained. You can try to get rid of these pests by contacting a pest control service in Kolkata like ServiceZet. Such a service will help you to get rid of pests and maintain a clean and well-maintained home.