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Kitchen Cleaning Services: What’s Included?

The kitchen is one of the most essential rooms of the house. After all, the best foods are whipped up over here! But because the kitchen is a place where food is cooked, stored and consumed, it attracts a lot of bacteria, germs, allergens, rodents and pests in general. Hence it should be cleaned regularly and thoroughly. In case you are unable to attend to this yourself, you can opt for kitchen cleaning services from ServiceZet. We are professionals who will help you to keep your kitchen tidy for longer.

So, without further ado, take a look at the different services we offer!

Kitchen Cleaning Services from ServiceZet

Here is the list of services we offer you. Take a good look!

  • Gas oven

Gas stoves and ovens are typically covered in spills, grime, dust, and food stains. These are cleaned up and scrubbed by our team of professionals. Every corner of the gas or oven will be tackled with a deft and expert hand!

kitchen cleaning services

  • Sink

The sink may have stains which need to be cleaned completely. Hence, our technicians will get down and dirty with the sink and give it a good clean. After it has been cleaned it will be buffed and shined.

  • Appliances Dusting

Moreover, we will clean appliances from the outside only. We will wipe down the outsides of the appliances like mixer-grinders, ovens, electric kettles, etc. These will be cleaned from the outside only.

  • Cleaning Countertops

Finally, let’s talk about kitchen countertops. Here’s where much of the action in the kitchen takes place like chopping, dicing, and serving. We will scrub the countertops assiduously and end up leaving them spotless, shiny and sanitised.

  • Cleaning Kitchen Drawers

If the kitchen drawers are emptied, they will be cleaned thoroughly. Note that we will not empty the drawers, that is something you have to do before we get there.

  • Exhaust Fan

Our kitchen cleaning services includes cleaning the exhaust fan. After many years of use, the exhaust fan can get filthy. Hence, it needs to be cleaned thoroughly.

kitchen cleaning services

  • Window Cleaning

In homes where chimneys are not present the window is the only source of ventilation. Hence, the steam from cooking can create grime to stick to the windows, this is a major cause for dirty windows in the kitchen. We will clean this.

  • Cobweb Removal

There’s no stopping spiders from building their homes on the ceilings. But we can clean them for you! Cobweb removal is one of the services we offer to keep your kitchen clean and sanitised.

  • Floor Scrubbing

Then we will scrub the floors of the kitchen with detergents and cleaners. Our professionals will help make sure the floors are tidy and completely spotless with a good amount of scrubbing.

  • Chimneys (Optional)

Usually, we do not clean chimneys. However, if you require this service you will have to call us and make a prior exception. So do get in touch with us if your kitchen has a chimney.

On that note, we also remove and replace the utensils in the right place!


Hence, if you are looking for kitchen cleaning services today do get in touch with us at ServiceZet. We will do a thorough job of cleaning the space and keeping your kitchen free from dirt.

However, if you require sanitisation and pest control in your kitchen, we will also help you in that regard. For a complete solution get in touch with us today!