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Kitchen Cleaning Services: Checklist for A Clean Kitchen

Not every person has the time to keep their kitchens clean. Hence, over time the kitchens can become filthy and infested with cockroaches, geckoes and flies. These need to be cleaned and removed. Only kitchen deep cleaning helps, nothing else!

However, when you hire a kitchen cleaning service to deep clean your kitchen, what are some of the things that they ought to have taken care of?

In this blog, we will explore a checklist of kitchen zones that the professional cleaning service should have covered when you hire them to deep clean your kitchen. Let’s start!

Kitchen Cleaning Services: The Checklist for A Clean Kitchen


  • The sink

The sink is the place where all the gunk of the kitchen eventually finds its way. Hence, it should be deep cleaned with detergents. Every stain should be removed from the surface and the pipes should be unblocked and cleared.

  • The cabinets

Deep cleaning of the cabinets is a must. Shelves should be lined with fresh lining paper and all the dishes, containers and utensils should be washed and dried. Arrange them neatly on the shelves of the cabinet.

kitchen cleaning service

  • The refrigerator

This is probably a big job and will require the sole attention of one cleaner. We will clean the shelves, the freezer, the outside and the insides of the refrigerator. Moreover, we will clean all the trays inside the refrigerator.

  • The tiles

The grime-filled walls of the kitchen should be slathered with soap or detergent and scrubbed until sparkling. If it requires a polish, we will polish it as well. We will clean the tiles of the floor and the walls until they shine.

  • The exhaust fan

Finally, the exhaust fan! This grime needs to be cleaned completely and wiped down with a clean cloth. Check that the blades are all wiped clean and the edges of the fan are completely spotless.

  • The stove

The stove needs to be scrubbed down completely. Service Zet will use detergents and other liquid cleaners to completely clean the stove down.

  • The countertops

Lastly, check if the countertops are cleaned. The countertops are where you will chop the vegetables and make your dough, hence, they should be completely spotless. Regularly them down.

kitchen cleaning service

  • The floors

The floors need to be polished and cleaned. We will polish and wipe them down. Stains will be scrubbed down and the grout will be redone by our kitchen cleaning services.

  • Appliances

Make sure the outsides of all the appliances are wiped down and the stains and spills are removed completely.

  • Washcloths and towels

Make sure all the washcloths and towels are cleaned in the washing machine. Dry and fold them! The deep cleaning of your kitchen is done!


Deep cleaning became popular with the lockdown. People finally had the time to look at all their possessions and decide which were important and which weren’t. In doing so they inevitably cleaned the house completely. Deep cleaning has now become the norm and you should stick to doing it regularly.

Use Service Zet’s kitchen cleaning services, to have the best looking kitchen, free of bugs and other critters. Service Zet has 30+ years of experience in cleaning kitchens for homes, restaurants and other institutes.