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Insects and Pests that get frequent during the Monsoon Season

The monsoon season not only brings us relief but also gives lives to many. Along with frequent downpours, the rainy season also increases pest and insect sightings. The fresh breeze and the damp weather suits best for many insects and pests. Along with a happy-and-cosy temperature, the monsoon has its own setbacks in terms of pests and diseases. 

To curtail diseases and threats of these insects it is obligatory to opt for the best pest control company in Kolkata. 

If not, keep scratching your head in fear and disease! 

If you were wondering why your house seems to be a shelter for insects more than your home, now you know it’s the cool, soggy atmosphere brought by the rainy seasons. Here are some insects that you might have spotted more often as rain begins to wet the ground.  

  • Cockroaches 

First up we have the most hateful insect on our list – the cockroaches. It is dangerous for the faint-hearted as their surprise flying nature can make your home noisy and loud with frequent screams. 


The most irritating one, cockroaches are a menace in themselves. It not only scares people away but also transfers deadly diseases like Plague, Dysentery, Typhoid Fever, Cholera and plenty more. Although they leave you slithered almost throughout the year, sightings of cockroaches increase with the advent of the rains. 

Well, while all insects get attracted to the wet atmosphere that increases their sightings, cockroaches show a contradictory trait. They hate the sogginess of the rains and hence yearn for the warmth of your home for which it abandons the area under the open sky and seeks shelter in your cosy and warm abode. To deal with the threat it brings along, opt for frequent pest control service and keep your home free of these dwarf monsters

  • Ants 

Well, you must have by now been adjusted with the army of ants that you see around and inside your homes each day. But there is more to just walking unified around your home. Seemed harmless, these ants can eat away your favourite dessert and your furniture. 


There are several types of ants that are frequent during the rainy seasons. It includes the carpenter ants feeding on your dairy products and food, Pharaoh ants feasting on your sweet dishes, fire ants disturbing your peaceful living with burning bites and the pavement ants feeding on dead insects, greasy products, food and sweets in and around your home.  

  • Mosquitoes

The most dreaded insect of your home. It not only disturbs your quality of living with bites and buzzes around your ear but spreads a number of diseases, some even fatal. Mosquito-borne diseases include dengue, malaria, yellow fever, Chikungunya, and others. Opt for frequent pest control from the leading pest control service providers to curtail the spread. 

  • Rodents 

By rodents, we mainly understand mice and rats. And we all hate them, don’t we? The threats that it poses to humans are beyond assumptions. It not only transmits 35 types of diseases but also eats away the favourite elements of your home.  It feasts on unattended food items, food packets and digs up holes around your home.  

Besides, it also invites accidents and fire threats to your abode by biting on electrical wires, apparatus, connections, and more. It also loves cutting through your important documents if left around.  

If you do not feel like being a Tom for the number of Jerrys around, call a pest control service provider today! 

  • Centipedes 

Along with looking scaring centipedes are highly known for spreading illnesses. Similar to spiders, centipedes feed on smaller insects and pests. They are more spotted in moist areas and during the rainy season. Centipedes are known to find comfort in the dampness after a downpour, for which controlling their infestation during the monsoon is a challenge. 

With its growth, the problems too are ever-ranging. It not only taints the food and clothing but also tampers the overall structure of your home. They are frequently spotted around the bathroom, walls and corners of your furniture. 

Although centipede infestation is quite common throughout the year, the multiplication increases around the monsoons as the temperature and surroundings are quite favourable. This raises an alarming situation, calling for quality pest control for your home. 


Summing it all up, there are other pests that visit you as uninvited guests during the monsoons. These can be the slithering lizards and the numerous legged millipedes, frightening snakes (poisonous and non-poisonous) and plenty of other pests. Besides, there are more pests that haunt your shelter thinking it to be theirs. In case you wish to prove ownership and broom those tiny and disgusting creatures away, opt for scheduled pest control. 

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