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How to Control Termite Infestation and Why Should you?

Pests are a nuisance to the house, and termites are no different. Although termites are essential for the ecosystem, these creatures entering your house can cause great damage and create an uncomfortable environment for the residents. Like all other pests, termites can also be controlled by opting for services like the best termite control in Kolkata

It is important to seek professional help for quality Control and management of pests and to prevent them from returning back. This article might help you understand ways in which you can prevent termite attacks and the potential risk that it poses to property and health. Read to know why termite control is important and what methods can you take to inspect and remove termites from your house. 

But before we dive in, it is important that you understand the difference between termites and ants. Although known as white ants, termites are soft bodied insects that feed on wood and other products like cardboard and paper. 

What are the risks to property and health? 

Though small in size, termites can lead to serious damage to help and property. 

It can cause – 

  • Damage to carpets, furniture and clothes
  • Damage to property and structures
  • Allergic reaction in humans
  • Loss in resale value

Is termite control necessary? 


Termites are unaware of seasons and the weather. They continue attacking as far as the conditions are favourable to them. These tiny creatures lead to destroying property every year and hence treating termites is crucial throughout the year. To protect your property and your health it is important to destroy termites and control the infestation. 

With scheduled termite control, you can live comfortably and protect the resale value of your property.  Given below are some of the methods that you can use to treat termites. 

Methods that can be used to treat termites

  • Physical Barriers

You can install physical barriers during new construction or renovation of existing houses. Physical barriers can be installed under concrete slabs or the foundation to prevent termites from entering. They can be made up of rocks and metal that stops the termite from penetrating. 

  • Remedial Treatment

Remedial treatment is effective upon identifying the infestation area. Which process is applicable once professionals are successful in finding a nest and when making use of chemicals, baits or dust that eradicate the nest and termites completely. 

  • Chemical Barriers

Certain chemicals are quite effective in eliminating termites and their nests. These chemicals can also be used to resist termite attacks in the near future for areas suspecting termite infestation. The chemicals used are insecticides licensed by the professionals and are declared safe for human beings. These can be sprayed under concrete slabs, and around your homes to get rid of termites.  When using chemical barriers, it is recommended that you do so under professional supervision to avoid chances of accidents and mishaps. Alternatively, you can get in touch with the leading pest control company in Kolkata to get the job done on your behalf, efficiently and safely. 

  • Bait Method

Baiting can be used as an effective method to destroy the whole colony of termites. One can make use of food items that are palatable to termites mixed with an active killing ingredient. Upon taking the bait, the termite returns to the colony and shares the ingredient with other members, which makes them suffer and die. 

  • Barrier treatments

Barrier treatments make use of chemicals that create a protective barrier around the house and prevents termites from entering. These can be in the form of dust or formulations that can be applied near the infestation area. 

In addition to the above, it is also important to keep your house clean and tidy to prevent pest infestation. You can get in touch with the best cleaning company in Kolkata to ensure professional level cleaning so that your house is completely protected. 

Now that you have understood that pest control is indeed necessary and what are the methods that you can put to use, you can get in touch with one of the leading pest control companies in Kolkata to get the best termite control services for your home. When you are searching for a pest control company do keep in mind the years of experience and the technique and special tools they use for delivering the services. 

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