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Effective Tips that can help you with Pest Control in Kolkata During Winters

The scorching heat and the humidity of the summers take a toll on us. Winters are like a relief to the people of West Bengal. Unlike other states of India, West Bengal serves the perfect weather to the residents and welcomes the month of December, January and February with a light chilly breeze and the perfect temperature. 

As the cosy weather starts to settle down, we are more likely to get comfortable and relax. Winters are not just favourable for humans but also for pests. Either they seek shelter from the chilly weather or come out to enjoy the cold breeze. 

Whatever it is, pest infestations can get uncontrollable at times. Though small, some pests can be really dangerous, regardless of their size. Pests like cockroaches, rats, ants, termites, mosquitoes and more can give rise to several diseases. Due to an uncontrollable pest infestation during winters, the need for professional pest control in Kolkata cannot be stressed more. 

But when it comes to pest controlling, there are certain tips that you should follow to ensure optimum effectiveness. Here are some tips and tricks that will be of great help. 

How to pest-proof your home this winter? 

There are several ways in which you can prevent pests from entering your home. Here we have compiled some of the most effective practices that you can rely on –

  • Closing your roofs and gutters

As the chilly winds start to get uncomfortable for the pests, they tend to enter our homes through the roofs, gutters and holes. This is why it is important to inspect the roof and the open gutters and get them covered if possible. In case your roof and gutters have cracks and crevices do make sure to fix them up before the winter steps in. Cracks and crevices on the roof are the perfect place for the pests and rodents to hide and also to seek entry inside your home. In case you feel that your roof has attracted a village of pests you can for sure get in touch with the best pest control company in Kolkata to see professional pest control services and deal with the infestation. Availability of frequent pest control not only helps you during the winters but will also serve you until the warmer months come along and beyond.  

  • Insulating exposed pipings

Some pests can be so tiny that they can seek shelter even in the smallest crevices. Not only that, they can even make room for their friends and family to hide out. The best way you can stop the pests from partying is to start insulating your exposed pipings. This will make it difficult for them to find a home at the very first place and forget expanding its population. 

In addition, it is beneficial to choose eco-friendly products so that you not only can get rid of the pests but also protect your home and the environment. 

  • Closing rodent access points

To prevent pests and rodents from entering your home it is important to inspect for access points before the winter settles in. Look out for the common and hidden access points in your home and around and opt for access point closure services to keep pests at bay. 

Pests like rats and mice can do more than just damaging your property. Along with feeding on your essential belongings, these tiny menaces can also transmit life-threatening diseases such as hantavirus, plague, Salmonella, rat bite fever, Tularemia and more. Considering rodents are sneaky, it is important to look out for holes and crevices that they might have been borrowed against your notice. 

Other ways you can pest-proof your home this winter include –

  • Frequently changing the filters of the heating system of the room 
  • Installing weatherstripping on windows and doors
  • Availing liquid spot treatments for pest control

In case your home has been infested with pests, here are some of the ways you can prevent transmission of diseases till availing pest control services – 

  • Keep your food in airtight containers

Pests enter your home in search of shelter, food and water. However, they are more likely to taint your food if left uncovered and unattended. Contaminated food and water can transmit several diseases which can also be life-threatening. This is why it is important to keep your food covered at all times in airtight containers and never leave them unattended. 

  • Keep your rooms dry and clean

Pests are likely to be attracted by wet and moisture environments. Keeping your rooms dry can be an effective way to prevent pests from seeking shelter in your home.

Pests are also attracted to dirty and filthy rooms. This is why you should avail professional cleaning services near me to keep your home neat, tidy and hygienic.  

Summing up…

Winters can be quite a favorable condition for pest infestation. This is why you should avail professional pest control services in Kolkata to keep pests at bay. Having said that, you can get in touch with the leading pest control service providers like ServiceZet to enjoy quality services. 

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