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Diatomaceous Earth for the Best Termite Control in Kolkata

One of the proven methods of getting rid of termites is the use of diatomaceous earth. Diatomaceous earth is formed from the sedimentary rock diatomite. The rock is crumbled to a white or off-white powder and is a great way to get rid of termites and other pests. ServiceZet, the best termite control in Kolkata, looks at some of the questions you may have regarding the use of diatomaceous earth.

What is Diatomaceous Earth?

Diatomaceous earth is the fossilized remains of diatoms or hard-shelled algae. It finds use in other industries apart from pest control. It is used as an absorbent for liquids, in litter boxes, and as a filtration aid, to name a few uses. The primary chemical composition is silica, alumina, and iron oxide.

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Is Diatomaceous Earth Effective for Killing Termites?

Both bed bugs and termites are a menace and very hard to get rid of. One of the more popular ways of getting rid of these is by using residual insecticides like diatomaceous earth. How does this work?

This white, crystalline powder works by shredding through the waxy cuticle of the exoskeleton of the insects leading them to be dehydrated and eventual death. Any insect with a waxy outer coating is susceptible to the action of this pesticide.

The key to the effectiveness of this powder is in the application process. Apply the diatomaceous earth to the various surfaces and spread the material along the walls, the foundations as a precaution. Moreover, if the termite infestation is deep, one may have to drill through the wooden framework and apply the earth. Get the help of the best termite control in Kolkata in this regard.

How Is Diatomaceous Earth Applied?

This residual insecticide is applied with the use of a dust applicator that spreads the dust into the pores of all the structures. If any wooden furniture has been infected, one can use a nozzle to put the dust in the various corners of the wooden furniture.

One of the simplest things to do is to make use of DE as a precautionary step. You can apply it in the beginning itself as a smooth cover over the surfaces and let it rest. At present, not many of the best termite control in Kolkata make use of this technique.

How Quick is Diatomaceous Earth In Killing Termites?

Diatomaceous Earth requires a substantial waiting period to be effective against termites. The elusive termites have to pass through the earth in order for there to be contact with the powder itself. Termites being very elusive, may take time to cross the DE powder. Hence, while this is a slower way of killing the termites it is certainly very effective. However, it works as long as the application of the DE has been done properly.

What Happens to the Termites?

DE or diatomaceous earth is certainly very “cruel” in the death it lends to termites, but then which method isn’t? It strips the insect’s exoskeleton by cutting through it and then the wait begins until the insect dies of dehydration within 24-48 hours.

best termite control in Kolkata

Wrapping Up

Diatomaceous earth is among the best termite control in Kolkata. It’s a great precautionary method and better than chemical usage. It is safe for use in a house with children and pets. The only hiccup lies in the application of the powder.

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