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COVID Comeback: Is Home Sanitization Important Now?

As of May 2022, India may witness the fourth wave of COVID-19 exactly a month from now in June. The top scientists from IIT have predicted this fourth wave which is expected to be pretty severe, may have its peak in August. However, the COVID-19 cases are on a decline at present.

Apart from that good news, the active vaccination drive has helped 80% of all adults to be safeguarded against the disease. Moreover, the booster dose has helped to protect and keep adults above the age of 60 doubly protected against the disease. All in all, India can be said to be prepared for the fourth wave according to one news article by BBC News.

So given this scenario, is it time to opt for home sanitization services to keep you and your loved ones safe? We at ServiceZet certainly think so! Get your home sanitised and cleaned before the onset of the fourth wave.

How home sanitization services can help you stay safe from COVID-19?

Home sanitization services can help to kill the virus. According to an article published in 2020 by UNICEF, the virus can be killed by simple disinfectants. So what does this mean for you in 2022? Get your home disinfected and sanitised with ServiceZet’s sanitisation process and let your home be safe during the impending COVID-19 fourth wave.

  • It helps to keep your family safe

Regular sanitization helps to keep your home safe from the COVID virus. Moreover, your family will be safe and protected from the ill effects of the virus. Since disinfectants can wipe out the virus completely, you need to get your home sanitised frequently.

home sanitization services

  • It helps to kill other germs other than COVID

Regular sanitization helps to kill other germs as well. So you could be looking at cold and other viruses which can be destroyed by sanitization. Kill more than two birds with one stone as you destroy not only the COVID virus but also other bacteria and viruses.

  • It’s beneficial for pets and children

Pets and children will stay protected from the horrors of COVID-19 if you sanitise your home and keep it clean regularly. Children, who tend to be all over the place, need to be protected at all costs.

How you can stay protected from COVID-19?

Here are some tips provided for you so that you can keep your home perfectly secure and sanitised.

  • Clean the high traffic zones frequently

Your home has several high traffic zones such as the kitchen, the bathroom, doorknobs and other pathways. You need to keep the high traffic zones perfectly clean and sanitised. For this, you can opt for ServiceZet’s cleaning services.

  • Doing laundry regularly

You will need to do your laundry carefully and regularly. Do not allow laundry to pile up as the virus may inadvertently spread to other places from unwashed clothes and bedding. Hence, regularly do your laundry.

  • Wash your hands with soap and water regularly

Home sanitization services can’t get you to do this! You need to wash your hands with soap and water regularly. This is a UNICEF mandate and you should follow it religiously.

home sanitization services


Home sanitization services can help you to stay safe during the onset of the COVID-19 predicted fourth wave. Sanitise your homes, prepare for the inevitable and follow all COVID rules and regulations as stated by the government. Wear masks, maintain social distancing, and use hand sanitisers regularly.