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Common Problems Associated with Marble Flooring

Marble is a metamorphic rock that is formed when limestone or dolomite are compressed over time by a process called metamorphosis. To summarise, marble was formed from limestone. Over time impurities like mica, silt, clay, sand, quartz, chert and other impurities are layered in between the limestone to create different colours and venations.

This hard rock is a favourite flooring material for many people both in India and abroad. However, marble needs to be maintained very carefully. It needs to be polished and taken care of adequately. Hence, on that note, you can opt for marble polishing services from ServiceZet to maintain the marble flooring of your home.

So, what are the common problems associated with marble and how can they be tackled?

5 Problems that can occur with Marble Flooring

  • Marble is Susceptible to Acid Corrosion

Marble is an alkaline rock, chemically called calcium carbonate. It reacts with acids. So any spills like wine, citrus juices, fizzy and other drinks cause the marble to corrode. Therefore, any such spills need to be cleaned up quickly. What you can do is wipe down the spill, instead of rubbing it in deeper. Then you should wash the area with water and buff it.

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  • Wrong Cleaning Solutions Can Damage Marble

Moreover, when you clean marble floors on a daily basis, you need to make use of mild detergents. These detergents should not be acidic in nature. Consult with a professional or look for safe materials that can be used. Hence, do not use the wrong chemicals for regular cleaning of the marble floors. Read the chemical properties of the cleaner and check if they are safe.

  • Etches

Etches are physical damages caused to the marble stone when it reacts with acidic substances. There is a slight dip or depression formed on the flooring. The only solution to etches is marble polishing services. Provided that the etch marks are not very deep, light polishing can easily remove the etch marks. Re-finishing the surface is the only cure for etch marks.

  • Stains

You can have different types of stains, from materials like ink, oil, and organic or inorganic substances. The only way to treat a stain is to draw it out. You can do this by washing with dish soap and water.

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  • Efflorescence

When marble is exposed to water, a chalky powdery residue occurs. This is because of the salt that the is left behind after evaporation. The only way to get rid of this is to scrub thoroughly.


So, opt for marble polishing services and keep your marble floors particularly shiny and well-maintained. Since this is not a task you can do by yourself, reach out to ServiceZet today!