What Are the Benefits of Routine Pest Control Services

Both domestic and commercial spaces require routine pest control services. The degree of pest infestations may vary from place to place, however, considering our climate and conditions, it is highly recommended to avail pest control services for your household or commercial space quarterly.

Before telling you about our pest control service packages, let us share 5 benefits of routine pest control.

Year-Round Pest Protection Infestations are an advanced stage when it comes to pest problems. The primary benefit of carrying out routine residential pest control or even commercial pest control is to detect and rid of the problem early.

It is important to know and understand that all kinds of pest infestations do not happen at the same time of the year. Consistent residential pest control can help you maintain a safe and clean environment for yourself and your family year-round. 
Being one of the few licensed pest control service providers in India, we at ServiceZet only use odor-free biodegradable chemicals which are authorized for in-house pest management services.

Structural Protection Termites are serious structural pests and cause an immense amount of damage to property worldwide. In fact, in their paper entitled, Termites as Structural Pest: Status in Indian Scenario, Gagan Kumar Mahapatro, and Debjyoti Chatterjee cites that annually more than $40 billion is spent towards termite damage worldwide. 

In most situations, we have observed that visible signs of termite damage appear only after considerable structural damage. Pest control solutions can not only free your household from this creepy crawlies but also help maintain the structural integrity of your building.

Reduce Fire Hazards Although this sounds too extreme, this is one of the major hidden problems related to pest infestations, especially rodents. Rodents like rats have the capability of inflicting severe damage to the structure, pipes, insulation, and wiring of your residence or commercial premises.

Rodents can cause damage to electrical wires by chewing on them. Damaged live wires can be the cause of electrical fires. Timely pest control allows you to avert these major problems.

Preserve Property Valuation A pest-free property is more likely to be safer, sturdier, and structurally stronger than pest-infested ones. Much like regular repairs and maintenance, timely pest control can help preserve your property’s valuation.

Knowing that a property is pest free or has gone through routine pest control is more likely to make it a top pick for potential buyers or renters.

Safer and Cleaner Properties Routine pest control can help reduce diseases within your household. In most situations, pests like cockroaches and rats leave behind disease-carrying droppings. Similarly,  bed bugs also leave the fecal matter on floors, carpets, mattresses, furniture, etc. This fecal matter turns into dust over time and can cause various diseases.

For instance, rat droppings can lead to diseases like leptospirosis, while cockroach droppings contain allergens that can trigger asthma. Timely pest control gives you the assurance that your house is free from such health hazards and also offers peace of mind.

The Most Reliable Pest Control Service

Understanding the value of pest control and how it leads to a better and safer environment for you and your loved ones. Being one of India’s premier licensed pest control services, our work stands as a testament to our commitment and reputation. Visit our website today to learn more about our different categories of pest control services in major metropolitan cities across India.

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