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In today's health-conscious era, sanitizing our homes cannot be overstated. Beyond cleanliness, effective sanitation is a fundamental aspect of creating a safe and healthy living environment and ServiceZet has emerged as a sought-after name in the industry, providing comprehensive home sanitization services in Kolkata.


Home sanitization plays a pivotal role in preventing the spread of illnesses, eliminating harmful pathogens, and safeguarding the well-being of our loved ones. That’s why hiring professional cleaners is the right way to go.

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It’s important to know that cleaning service providers that use advanced techniques and high-quality products ensure thorough disinfection, making homes visibly clean and free from invisible threats, contributing to a safer and healthier living space.

Lesser-Known Aspects About Sanitizing Your Homes

We all have tried DIY cleaning methods, but many aspects of home sanitization are not known by many, including:

Regular cleaning removes visible dirt, but it might not eliminate harmful pathogens. Deep cleaning and sanitization, especially with professional services, ensure a more thorough and effective eradication of germs.

Despite common cleaning practices, high-touch surfaces often retain residual germs. Regular sanitization is crucial to address these hidden hotspots, preventing the spread of illnesses.

Steam cleaning is a potent sanitization method. Its high temperature effectively kills bacteria, viruses, and even bed bugs. It's an eco-friendly alternative, using only water and heat.

UV-C light is increasingly used for disinfection. It penetrates the DNA of microorganisms, rendering them unable to reproduce. Devices like UV wands offer an additional layer of defence against pathogens.

Sanitizing surfaces is vital, but airborne contaminants pose a risk, too. Air sanitization systems, including UV air purifiers, help eliminate air pollutants, allergens, and microorganisms.

While many cleaning products claim to be sanitised, not all are true disinfectants. Genuine sanitisers meet specific criteria for killing a certain percentage of bacteria and viruses.

Maintaining optimal humidity levels in your home can impact sanitization. Some pathogens thrive in dry conditions so that proper humidification can inhibit their growth.

Touch screens, omnipresent in modern homes, harbour many germs. Sanitizing these frequently touched surfaces, like smartphones and tablets, is crucial to prevent germ transmission.

Sanitizing sprays often require a certain "dwell time" to be effective. Users should follow product instructions, allowing sufficient time for the sanitiser to act before wiping or drying.

Copper surfaces possess inherent antiviral properties. They can rapidly inactivate various viruses, making copper-infused products an interesting addition to home sanitization strategies.

Ineffective sanitization practices can contribute to cross-contamination. Cleaning tools, like sponges and cloths, should be regularly disinfected or replaced to avoid spreading germs.

While home sanitization is crucial, personal hygiene, especially handwashing, plays a pivotal role. Effective hand hygiene significantly reduces the risk of bringing contaminants into the home.

Pet owners face unique challenges. Pet fur can harbour germs, and sanitization efforts should extend to pet accessories and living spaces to maintain a healthy environment.

DIY sanitization methods might not meet the necessary standards for effective disinfection. Professional home sanitization services with specialized tools and agents offer a more comprehensive solution.

So, it’s important to remember that through a combination of innovative technologies and nuances of cleaning practices, a holistic approach ensures that homes remain safe, healthy havens for their occupants.

Reasons why ServiceZet Offers the Best Home Sanitization Services in Kolkata

ServiceZet takes pride in being able to deliver exceptional service, and it does so consistently because of the following aspects:


Cutting-Edge Technologies

We employ state-of-the-art technologies in home sanitization. Our use of advanced methods, such as UV light and steam cleaning, sets us apart in Kolkata.

Customized Approaches

Recognizing that each home is unique, we tailor sanitization approaches on a case-to-case basis. Customized solutions ensure thorough disinfection based on the specific needs of each household. We provide home inspection services to detect dormant issues, too.

Eco-Friendly Practices

ServiceZet prioritizes providing eco-friendly services. Our home sanitization services utilize environmentally responsible cleaning agents, and the efficient use of equipment by trained professionals ensures a safe and sustainable approach.

Expertise in Various Surfaces

Our team is well-versed in sanitizing diverse surfaces, from upholstery and carpets to intricate home fixtures. Their expertise in a wide range of materials ensures comprehensive disinfection.

Focus on High-Touch Areas

Understanding the significance of high-touch surfaces, ServiceZet specialises in these areas during sanitization. This targeted approach addresses key points of potential germ transmission.

Proactive Air Sanitization

Beyond surfaces, we acknowledge the importance of air quality. Our services include air sanitization utilizing UV air purifiers to eliminate airborne contaminants.


Comprehensive Deep Cleaning

We go beyond regular cleaning, offering deep cleaning and sanitization. This comprehensive approach ensures the eradication of hidden germs and contaminants for a healthier living environment.

Experienced Professionals

With a team of experienced professionals with over 30 years of experience, we bring a wealth of knowledge to home sanitization. The team’s proficiency in executing effective disinfection strategies contributes to the high level of service quality.

Transparent Communication

We value transparent communication. From initial consultations to the execution of services, clients are kept informed about the sanitization process, fostering trust and confidence.

Customer Satisfaction Focus

We place customer satisfaction at the core of our operations. Our commitment to delivering exceptional results and creating healthier homes has earned us acclaim in Kolkata with 2000+ happy customers.

In a city where health and hygiene are paramount, ServiceZet emerges as a leader in home sanitization services, excelling through cutting-edge technologies, customized approaches, environmentally conscious practices, and a dedicated focus on customer satisfaction. So, if you want the best home sanitization services in Kolkata, ServiceZet is here. Visit our website today, and let us do the rest.

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