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Best Practices that Encourage a Virus-Free Office Surrounding

The coronavirus outbreak has really conquered the world since 2020. It has wiped away the lives of many and left many in tears and with unbearable losses. Thanks to the scientists and researchers, the vaccination drive is almost successful and towards the end. More than half of the population (older and adults) are vaccinated with both doses. This serves as a relief as the chances of covid severity reduce. 

However, with the lockdown getting lifted and public places reopening, the need for controlling the spread cannot be stressed enough. The festivals have yet again increased the covid-afflicted count of the country. Also, offices have opened up, increasing the population outdoors and the chances of getting infected. This is why it is important to opt for office sanitizing services in Kolkata to keep your office building virus-free and safe. 

The need for sanitization is high, not only to keep yourself safe but also to safeguard the health of the employees. The more you can combat the spread of the viruses, the better will be the attendance of your employees and thus your productivity will increase. 

Sounds beneficial? 

It surely is!!!

Let us together practice some effective ways to promote a healthy environment for your office. 

Simple ways to protect your office from Covid-19 

Tip 1. Inspect the high-touch areas 

The first and foremost step is to identify the high-touch areas in your office building. This may include, doorknobs, washbasins and taps, water filters, tabletops, chairs, switches, elevator buttons and more. These are the perfect breeding ground for pathogens and viruses which get spread on touch. Therefore, it is highly important to figure out such areas that need to be disinfected first. 

Tip 2. Clean and disinfect 

Upon inspecting the high-touch areas, it is important to get them cleaned and disinfected. Cleaning is crucial to get rid of dirt and grime from the surface. Once clean, disinfectant solutions will work better in removing the bacteria and viruses present on the surfaces. Cleaning prior to disinfecting also increases the effectiveness of the solutions. You can get in touch with the leading agencies offering quality office cleaning services in Kolkata to ensure proper cleaning of your office. 

Always remember that the combination of cleaning and sanitizing together increases the durability of the process and helps in keeping your surroundings disease-free. 

Tip 3. Follow proper hand washing protocol

Washing hands was one of the primary instructions given by the World Health Organisation (WHO) to combat the spread of viruses. Along with wearing a mask and using hand sanitizers, it is important for you and your employees to follow proper handwashing protocol in order to reduce the spread of this contagious virus. 

Have sanitizers and handwashing liquids ready at all times and encourage your employees to wash their hands as frequently as possible. It is advisable that you provide your employees with individual masks and sanitizers so that they can use them as necessary. 

In case you find anybody sick or even showing the slightest symptoms of Covid-19, it is advisable that you ask them to get themselves tested for Covid and to continue working from the safety of their home. This will help in preventing the spread of viruses and safeguarding your other employees. 

Tip 4. Perform regular sanitization 

Opting for regular office sanitizing services in Kolkata can be quite beneficial in keeping the virus away and ensuring a disease-free environment. Considering that your employees are travelling along with other people, it increases the chances of infection. Upon frequently sanitizing, you can successfully reduce the spread and protect yourself and your employees. 

Summing it up…

Following the above simple steps can help you reduce the chances of infection and promote a healthy and safe environment for your employees. It is important that you remember that covid-19 is not going away so soon and hence it is important to follow the strict protocols in order to combat the spread and protect yourself and your surroundings. 

Also, make sure that all your employees are completely vaccinated. If not, you can arrange for vaccination camps and get them vaccinated before reopening your office. This way you can reduce the chances of infection effectively. 

Additionally, follow proper disinfectant measures and personal hygiene rules in your office. Having said that, you can get in touch with the leading sanitization service providers in Kolkata like ServiceZet to get the best disinfectant services. 

Our approach towards the problem and our sincerity is what separate us from the rest. We accept such challenges quite enthusiastically and deliver our best just to safeguard the society, the nation and its people. We do our best to address the concerns and get rid of the hazards to our best capabilities. 

Our experience and vast knowledge in this field are what define our ability to provide the best and to protect your well being. 

So, to protect your office and the surrounding, get in touch with us today for quality sanitization services. 

Keep sanitizing, stay healthy and protected.