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Best Pest Control Services: Factors That Affect Pricing

Pests are unwanted critters like bedbugs, termites, ants, and cockroaches, which destroy foodstuffs, spread diseases, and cause a dip in the quality of your life. The monsoon season is a time when pests proliferate. This is because the much-needed water is found in abundance which means that pests can reproduce in great numbers.

You may need to opt for the best pest control services in case your home has been infested by any of the above-mentioned pests. So how will you choose a pest control service that is the perfect fit for you? One of the ways you can choose a pest control service that is right for you is by looking at the price offered for their products.

5 Factors That Affect Pricing for The Best Pest Control Services

Here are the 5 factors that affect the pricing for any pest control services. Check it out only over here.

  • Type of Bug

The first factor that affects the pricing, is the type of bug that we are targeting. Termites require a lot of attention when compared to cockroaches and ants. This is because termites build colonies which have a vast depth. Hence, the price is based on the type of bug that we have to tackle. ServiceZet offers services for bedbugs, ants, cockroaches, and termites.

best pest control services

  • Level of Infestation

The next thing we look at while deciding the pricing is the level of infestation. If the level of infestation is great indeed, obviously we will charge a little more. There is also a base fee. Termites usually build vast colonies underground which means that what looks like a small infestation can actually be a large underground infestation. Hence, the pricing factors are dependent on the level of infestation.

  • Area

The next thing that pricing is based on is the area in sqft. When you book on the ServiceZet website, you can choose to book based on the area in sqft. Obviously, the greater the area, the greater the pricing. The best pest control services always choose to charge by area.

  • Kind of Treatment

The next thing that pricing depends on is the kind of treatment that is applicable. Every bug has its own type of treatment. For instance, termites can be treated using sprays, diatomaceous earth and other substances. Hence, depending on the type of treatment that you want for the bug, we will charge the pricing. So, you can choose to try the cheapest or the most effective method at the right price.

best pest control services

  • Number of times the treatment is applied

The next thing we need to look at is the number of times the treatment will be applied. Especially, with ants and termites, the number of times the treatment is applied needs to be factored in while deciding the price. At our company, we too, follow the same process.


Hence, we can see that the best pest control services charge according to these 5 criteria. ServiceZet has around 30+ years of experience in the field of pest control. Moreover, apart from the years of experience, we also have very professional technicians who are adept at the work they do.

You should choose to work with us for our professionalism, years of experience and knowledge of how to tackle various pests. Apart from pest control, we as a company also offer cleaning and sanitisation. These are the gamut of services offered by us and you can choose any one of these today!