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Bathroom Cleaning Services for Seniors in India

It goes without saying that it is highly necessary to have a clean and pristine bathroom. Moreover, the bathroom should be sanitized and kept free of critters and germs. The bathrooms of senior citizens should be cleaned more rigorously as they are prone to falling ill. However, one cannot expect senior citizens to keep their bathrooms in a clean state as they may be too old to do the hard work. Hence, bathroom cleaning services are highly necessary for them.

In this blog, you will find how we at ServiceZet provide such services for seniors.

Bathroom Cleaning Services for Seniors

Let’s take a look at some of the services ServiceZet offers under bathroom deep cleaning services for seniors.

  • Cleaning of Toilet and Wash Basin

The first thing bathroom cleaning services from ServiceZet include is the cleaning of the toilet and wash basin. These two will be scrubbed, and sanitised if you are opting for deep cleaning.

bathroom cleaning services

  • Removing Watermarks

As you know the bathroom may have many drips and leaks or stains made because of water. They leave behind brown marks on the tiles or on the marble. Hence, it is necessary to clean these properly to remove these eyesores. However, we do not remove hard stains.

  • Cleaning Doors

Next, we will focus on the doors. Since the doors may get wet, a lot of bacteria and fungi may be growing on them. Moreover, bathing can leave splash marks, hence it is necessary to clean the door from the inside and the outside.

  • Scrubbing of Floor and Walls

The floors and walls of the bathroom will be adequately cleaned, scrubbed, and washed down. Since water falls or sprays on these areas, they need to be cleaned thoroughly. It is not possible for seniors to scrub and wash their walls regularly, hence they should consider a professional bathroom cleaning service from us.

  • Cleaning Shelves

We offer two types of bathroom cleaning services for cabinets and shelves. If the shelves are closed then the outside of the shelves will be cleaned. However, if you are willing to empty the shelves, the insides will also be cleaned. Shelves also need to be cleaned since spiders can make their homes over here.

  • Removing Cobwebs

Spiders love the dark and moist environment that bathrooms present. They build their homes on the ceilings and try to trap the flies that come into bathrooms. Hence, we will not only remove the cobwebs but the spiders as well.

  • Mirror and Glass Cleaning

Mirrors need to be polished and cleaned properly for a clean and tidy bathroom look. Hence, we will carry out the cleaning of mirrors and glass in the showers. These will then be shined so that it gives a tidy look.

bathroom cleaning services

  • Dusting of Geyser

Nobody dusts the tops of geysers, do they? Hence, we will clean the outside of the geysers and any other appliances like the showerhead. These will be properly cleaned and maintained.

  • Cleaning Exhaust Fan and Window

Finally, we will end the entire cleaning by cleaning the exhaust fan and windows. The exhaust fan may get filthy and the windows which open outwards should also be cleaned.


ServiceZet offers low-cost cleaning services for seniors for bathroom cleaning services. This company also offer deep cleaning for bathrooms. Deep cleaning involves cleaning and sanitisation. Moreover, the company offers professional cleaning for businesses as well. So without a doubt, if you are a senior adult looking for professional bathroom cleaning services, choose to call ServiceZet today!