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5 Steps to Maintain a Hygienic Bathroom

A clean and tidy bathroom is the hallmark of any home. When guests visit, it is usually considered polite to offer them a sanitary, hygienic, and pristine bathroom. A badly cleaned bathroom is a turnoff and can make guests feel uncomfortable when using it.

Hence, the urban class of Kolkata are looking for the best bathroom cleaning services to present the perfect home to their friends, family and themselves.

However, a question arises. How does one maintain a hygienic bathroom once the professionals are through with it?

That’s what we will discuss in this blog, how you can maintain a hygienic bathroom once it has been deep cleaned.

5 Steps to Maintain a Hygienic Bathroom

When you opt for a professional cleaning service like ours, we will ensure that we do a thorough job of cleaning the bathroom. If keeping the bathroom clean is not a job that you prefer, offload it to the experts! However, if duty permits try these 5 steps to maintain a hygienic bathroom.

  • Step 1: Wipe down surfaces regularly

Make it a household rule that the last person using the bathroom has to wipe it down completely. This includes the shower walls, the mirrors, the floors and the sink. Wipe these surfaces down so that water stains are not formed on them. Moreover, wiping them down also ensures that mosquitoes do not have a place to breed. Dry surfaces are a better option for homes with aged people as they will not slip and fall on wet surfaces. Hence, use a wiper to wipe off the runoff after a bath.

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  • Step 2: Clean the cabinets

Our professional bathroom cleaning services will clean your washroom cabinets provided you empty them. A clean cabinet with only the most necessary products is a much better option than a cluttered cabinet with products that are out of date and past their shelf life. Cabinets are the hiding place for spiders, cockroaches, and little bugs.

Therefore, these zones need to be kept clean and dry. Moreover, you can also sanitise these areas regularly. ServiceZet will be more than happy to take on the task for you!

  • Step 3: Wipe down appliances every week

You may be using an electric shaver or a toothbrush, a hairdryer or other appliances. These appliances in a damp space like the bathroom can get mouldy or rusty over time. Hence, you need to dry them, wipe them down after use and keep them clean. Wipe the appliances down every week and cleanse shavers after use.

  • Step 4: Use liquid soap

This is an often forgotten tip when it comes to maintaining a hygienic bathroom! Instead of using bars of soap, use liquid soap which is a much more hygienic alternative to the bars of soap. Soap dishes need to be cleaned regularly if they are to remain sanitary which is quite a hassle for the busy people of today. So, our bathroom cleaning services suggest you use liquid soap.

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  • Step 5: Wash towels regularly

All the towels in the bathroom, whether the hand towels or the ones for bathing need to be regularly washed and dried. Towels, if being used by multiple persons, are a way for germs and allergens to spread. Hence, keep your towels washed and dried every week.


In case your bathroom is not a tidy and hygienic place, avail of our bathroom cleaning services today! We promise to make it worth your while, then you can follow the above 5 steps to maintain the good work for longer.