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5 Secrets for Hiring the Best House Cleaner in Kolkata

Cleaning has become a necessity. Although it was once a “difficult to maintain” task for many due to the busy schedule, the year 2020 has taught a good lesson and has raised awareness on the pressing need for maintaining cleanliness and hygiene around us. 

Whether you want to hire a cleaning company for scheduled cleaning or as a one-time task before a festival or occasion, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind to ensure quality service and the safety of your home and your family members. 

Bringing home a cleaner who is not a part of a reputed company can carry a lot of risks along. Despite being expensive, it is referred to as higher house cleaners in Kolkata appointed under the leading cleaning service providers in town. 

Having said that, sure are some of the factors that you should keep in mind to guide you in selecting the best cleaning service provider for your house. 

Number 1 – Get referrals

Word of mouth goes a long way! 

Therefore, when you are looking for a house cleaner you can consider recommendations and referrals by your friends and family. It is best to work with an acquainted agency. This way you can be partially confirmed about the quality of service they would deliver. 

And, with the intention of increasing the client base and earning more referrals, the company would deliver the best they can. 

Hence it is best to work with a cleaning agency that has been referred to you by your known people and have been well spoken of. 

Number 2 – Check online reviews

Adding more to the above point, if not through referrals you can also consider testimonials and online reviews. With the change in technology and time, every business, regardless of the domain, is striving to build a powerful online presence. In this competition to be the best, testimonials are considered a ladder. 

However, testimonials are beneficial for the company and you. The testimonials can give you a proper idea of the kind of service and quality of service they deliver and if they can achieve customer satisfaction. 

If you see a good number of online reviews and 5-star ratings, know the agency might prove itself to be a good choice. 

Number 3 – Consider the brand root and experience

Experience matters and with experience comes expertise! 

Thus, why you hire a cleaning service company it is important that you look behind to learn about the company’s history and the years of experience they hold. 

You can also work with new agencies that are affiliated with a well known and golden company that has been serving the industry for years. 

For example, ServiceZet is an initiative by Chatterjee Cleaning Arts Services Pvt. Ltd. or CCASPL. This heritage of ServiceZet confirms the quality of services, the knowledge and expertise and the experience of the staff. 

Number 4 – Know the service offerings

Now that you are a little sure about the quality of service they offer, the next step is to understand or know what services they offer. Do they only deliver cleaning services or do they cater to the sanitization and pest control needs of the customers? 

Procuring this data will help you cater to the requirements of your house and also get in touch with them again if you are satisfied with their service and need to avail some other services that they provide. 

Number 5 – Learn about the employee protection

Employee protection is one of the greatest responsibilities that an agency should address seriously. Check if the worker’s safety is taken into consideration. 

Know if they are insured. 


Accidents are bound to happen. In case the worker gets injured at your home who will incur the treatment charges? Is it you or the company they belong to? 

Humanity indicates that it is your responsibility to help the injured. However, if they are insured by the company you can let down the financial burden off your shoulders. All you can do is inform the company and seek medical attention for the injured at the earliest. 

To avoid such unforeseen events, make sure that the workers have undergone rigorous training, to confirm skills on the accurate process of delivering services and maintaining safety.  

Last but certainly not least, to consider the cleaning supplies they are using. Being just a flagship in manpower will not suffice. When you hire a house cleaner in Kolkata it is mandatory to check if they are equipped with the required tools and equipment to deliver quality service. Making use of flimsy quality products will not only increase hassle but also put the cleaner, your house and your family members at a higher risk of experiencing unforeseen accidents. 

Therefore, it is better to choose the experts. Choose ServiceZet and keep your home clean and hygienic without compromising your safety.