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4 Reasons Shampooing Works for Most Carpets

The history of carpets in India begins in the 16th century with Emperor Akbar. He is credited with inviting Persian weavers to India and making the jailed persons weave carpets, which later became prized masterpieces. He kick-started an industry that survives to this day.
However, carpets are not very popular in India because of the dust that Indian homes inevitably attract. Hence, they are not used much, except in homes that like to emulate Western décor or in the North of India where it gets cold in winter.

However, keeping an unclean carpet is an eyesore. It needs regular carpet cleaning services so that the carpet is tidy and pleasant. There are many ways to keep a carpet clean professionally and shampooing is among the best methods.

Shampooing — One of the Most Popular Carpet Cleaning Methods

One of the ways to keep a carpet clean is shampooing. In this method of cleaning, a detergent or cleaner is poured over the dirty carpet. Then it is agitated for a while, and finally, the residue is washed off. It is easily done with the help of a simple machine. Most of the major carpet cleaning services make use of shampooing as a way to clean the carpet. Let’s understand why.

Why is Shampooing the Preferred Method for Carpet Cleaning Services?

Find out over here some of the reasons why shampooing is the best and most preferred method for carpet cleaning professionals.

  • Reason 1: Shampooing is simple

The process of shampooing is relatively simple. The technician will apply a detergent to the carpet and agitate it with a brush. Then, they will wash off the muddy residue with water from a high-pressure jet spray. This is the basic way of cleaning the carpet. However, specialised machines can be used as well, which simplifies the task considerably.

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  • Reason 2: A variety of detergents can be used

A variety of detergents can be used to tackle the different stains on the carpet. Since the detergent is applied externally, many different types of detergents can be used and even your own special mix can be used to clean the carpets. However, professional services like ours will tell you beforehand if they can tackle hard stains or not. We use the most basic cleaners as we wish to preserve the fibres of the carpet as much as possible. If yours is a special carpet, do let us know ahead of time.

  • Reason 3: Longer dwell time of chemicals

When you opt for shampooing, the detergents stay on the fibre for longer. This means it quickly loosens dust and dirt particles from the fibres where it is stuck. Given the longer time the detergent dwells on the carpet, the easier it becomes to loosen the dirt.

  • Reason 4: Agitation removes deep-seated dirt

Brushing with a brush causes the necessary agitation that removes the dust, dirt, stains, grime, and other deeply-seated particles to be loosened and removed. This agitation with a brush requires muscle power. A machine can also be used. Whatever the case, this is an environmentally safe way to clean a carpet.

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Wrapping Up

To keep your carpets clean opt for professional carpet cleaning services from ServiceZet. Dirty carpets are an eyesore. Moreover, they are also magnets for spills and everything the soles of your feet attract. Hence, they need to be cleaned frequently.

Service Zet has been in the business for many years, as close to 30+ years. We can help those dirty carpets get clean in a jiffy!