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10 Doubts About Home Cleaning Services in Kolkata You Should Clarify

Home cleaning services are a boon in this day and age. As people get busier, and lives get faster, these services can save you cleaning time at a minimal cost. 

But hiring one such service isn’t all cakewalk. You may have plenty of doubts about their offering, so get them clarified at once. 

Never make incorrect assumptions about the cleaning service you are hiring. Always clarify your doubts so that both you and the service provider are on the same page. 

But, what are some of the questions you should ask the service provider? 

We wrote this blog so that you would know what to ask the best home cleaning services in Kolkata.

Let’s start! 

Doubt #1: How do you charge?

Does the cleaning service charge hourly, by project, or by room? Do they charge based on the number of people they have sent? Ask them their method of charge so that you are not handed a hefty bill with no way of knowing what it cost you. This is probably the first question you should clear when contacting a cleaning service. 

Doubt #2: How many people will it take?

Before the whole agency sets its foot into your home, ask them how many people are required to complete the task. Typically, one or two persons are enough to do the cleaning job at Service Zet. Any more, and you should ask why.  

Doubt #3: What services aren’t included?

Ask them precisely what services they will perform for you and what they will abstain from doing. Do this so that there is no confusion on the role the agency is expected to play. Clarify this point from the beginning, to avoid arguments and hassles during payments. 

Doubt #4: Have they performed a background check on their employees?

Needless to say, this is very important as you will be letting strangers into your home. Ask the agency if there have been any complaints about their workers. Also, ask others who have availed of their services if they had anything negative to report. Hear a word of doubt, and you can change to another agency. 

Doubt #5: Are they insured?

Imagine if your favourite porcelain vase falls during the cleaning process? What do you do? If the cleaning service is insured, they will cover the cost of the vase and you do not worry about your loss. Hence, choose a home cleaning service that is insured. 

Doubt #6: Who will provide the cleaning equipment?

Will the service bring their own equipment or will they use yours? Clear this question because is it your detergent that will be depleted or theirs? As funny as that may sound, make sure the cleaning service doesn’t ask for rags, mops and other equipment from you. 

Doubt #7: What if the service isn’t satisfactory?

So what happens if the service you have opted for isn’t up to the mark? Is there a refund available or will they compensate you? Or will they perform the task again until you are happy? Since this is a very subjective scenario you need to be careful about it. 

Doubt #8: Does someone have to be present when the workers come?

Since people mostly hire cleaning services to free themselves of time, it isn’t uncommon for the owner to be away from home when the work is being done. So, ask if someone has to be present on-premises or is it okay to leave the keys under the mat?

Doubt #9: What about pets?

If you have pets, for the safety of our cleaners and your furry pals, do keep them secured while we work. Otherwise, if there is any problem you will have to be responsible for the incident. 

Doubt #10: How many years have they been in business? 

Ask the company how mas they have been in the business. Whether they are a new or old company doesn’t really matter in the cleaning business. But the more years they have, they’ve got experience tackling stains, and that’s what you need!  


So before you hire a home cleaning service in Kolkata go through this checklist of questions. It will help you to gauge the level of proficiency of the company. 

As for Service Zet, you know we promise you all of this and much more! 

So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and call Service Zet for a sparkling and clean home today!