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Why Bathtubs Need Professional Bathroom Cleaning Services?

We have all been in the situation where we thought we needed to clean the bathtub but did not know how to. Slippery and greasy surfaces, rings of frothy white residue of the soaps and shampoos and the pinkish scum around the drainage are some big signs for you to think about deep cleaning your bathtub.

You can try to clean it yourself but trust the lord! You cannot get rid of the germs and do deep cleaning using home remedies and toxic chemicals.

That’s when you need to summon professional help. Get in touch with the best bathroom cleaning service provider, Service Zet and get your bathtub deep cleaned.

In case you hesitate to call for professional help, remember an untidy and germ filled bathtub is going to dig a big hole in your pocket by making you spend on doctors.

Skin Diseases Caused by Untidy Bathtubs

Your skin is exposed and subjected to a lot of elements, dust and germs. It might be impacted with even the simplest of all activities like taking a bath in your bathtub.

An uncleaned bathtub can cause Hot tub folliculitis, or “hot tub rash.
A hot tub rash is a skin infection caused by bacteria that occurs after using an under-maintained and untidy public or private water area,like a bathtub.

This condition is caused by the bacteria “pseudomonas aeruginosa.” This bacteria attacks the hair follicles, commonly in areas where the swimwear touches the skin.

To avoid all such skin irritations and problems you need to call the professional bathroom cleaning service provider.

Bathroom Cleaning Services

Concern Around Cleaning Agents

For those who are concerned about the products used for cleaning especially because they are majorly concerned about the harm caused by the cleaning products, can simply call a bathroom cleaning service provider.

They are the ones who will keep your concern about the chemicals used in their minds and use toxic free chemicals. They may also assist you with what must be used to clean the tub.

The strong chemical based chemicals agents could be irritants for those with sensitive skin and asthma and other respiratory issues.

All those cleaning agents that come with great fragrances and other ingredients to keep the bathroom smelling for long can also cause skin irritation and contact dermatitis.

How Do Professionals Clean Bathtubs?

A bathtub is a space where using less means more for your health. Here are simple expert-recommended steps professionals follow to clean the tub:

  • Cleaning the bathtub every once a week:

Make sure you keep the tub clean and drain the water and call for professional help every once a week. For that you need to have a monthly or a quarterly subscription.

Professionals make use of the spray that consists of the solution, sprays it on all the surfaces of the tub, lets it sit for a few minutes, then wipe the tub with a clean sponge and rinse it thoroughly with fresh water.

They use non toxic chemicals to do the cleaning.

  • To minimise the contamination of moulds on and around tiles:

They use a brush as one of the solutions to scrub nooks and crannies.

  • To flush out bacteria and mould from the faucet, shower head and drain:

To flush out bacterias and mould from the faucet and the shower head, the professionals make use of a mixture of diluted bleach or hydrogen-peroxide-based cleaner, and spray it on and let it sit for a few minutes, then clean with water.

Bathroom Cleaning Services


It is very obvious that you will be suffering from health issues if you keep taking a bath and don’t care to deep clean once a week.

If you think about cleaning the tub with chemicals available in the market without knowing the chemical content of it. That could be as bad as a dirty germ filled bathtub and might as well leave stains and marks on the surface of the tub. So don’t wait and call the best bathroom cleaning service provider.