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Ways A Dirty House Affects your Well-Being

Do you feel overwhelmed about the state of cleanliness of your home? Well, with the advent of the coronavirus pandemic, the need for cleanliness and sanitization has increased drastically. And you are not alone. Many people had a habit of messiness and are now making a healthy shift just to protect their physical and mental health. 

Mental health???

Yes, the state of cleanliness of your home is also associated with your mental well-being. In case you have been taking cleanliness for granted, it is high time that you lift your mood and do something to feel the effects of a clean home on your mind and body. In case your busy schedule does not provide you with the window to look after your home, you can opt for cleaning and home sanitizing services in Kolkata today that can make you bring in a healthy change for your home and your loved ones. 

If you are still searching for a correlation between a Messy home and your physical and mental health, here are 6 ways in which a dirty home can affect your well-being – 

  • Air Quality

A home that is rarely swept, moped, dusted or vacuumed can contribute to poor air quality. This may often lead to allergies or respiratory tract diseases and increase your health concerns. The presence of pet dander, pollen, germs, bacteria, mould and allergens can affect people around you and cause breathing problems and serious illnesses. 

  • Cross-Contamination

Cross-contamination refers to the transfer of bacteria, germs and other airborne particles from one area to another. Areas like the kitchen can be a great source of bacteria and germs like Salmonella and E. coli. Other areas may include unflushed toilets, stinky and gunky bathrooms and more. These places are known for causing stomach issues, infections and serious illnesses if not cleaned properly. 

  • Anxiety

Messed up rooms can create anxiety, which worsens over time. A cluttered room can make it difficult for you to find things that you are looking for, especially when going out. Not being able to find the right things at the right time can increase the level of irritation, nervousness and anxiety. Being overwhelmed with complicated emotions can further ruin your day or your work. 

  • Mental Clutter

The act of sorting, cleaning and decluttering things can create the magic that you need in your life. While you sort things, you tend to get relaxed and unclutter your mind as well, leading to a healthy mental state. It also increases your patience, concentration power, time management skills and the stability to control emotions like irritation, aggressiveness, and anger. 

  • Tripping Hazards 

Having your belongings spread across your room can increase tripping hazards. Although it may seem to be a petty issue, tripping can be a dangerous affair for the elderly as there is a high risk of breaking hips or bones. Tripping and falling can be dangerous for the kids as well as they might hit their head which can lead to serious conditions. Also, your favourite vase or your dream chair can be in ruins. Having your room sorted out, decluttered and organised can eliminate chances of such accidents. 

  • Sleep Quality

Avoiding washing your bed sheets or cleaning your bedroom can also affect your sleep quality. Sweat, skin oils and dead skin cells that are left behind can lead to allergies or illnesses such as asthma if the bed sheets aren’t cleaned properly. Additionally, your room may have a bad odour that can disturb your sleeping pattern and make you grossed out in the middle of the night. 

This is why it is important to not only do your laundry or clean your bed sheets but also opt for services like deep cleaning and home sanitization in Kolkata to improve your living quality. 

Now that you know how clean surroundings can bring in a healthy change, it is time that you invest in getting your home cleaned and sanitized right away. You can get in touch with professional agencies like ServiceZet, catering to the needs of the industry for years. 

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