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The Keen Sense of Smell of Ants

One of the most annoying pests that we at ServiceZet deal with is the minuscule ant. Ants build small to medium-sized colonies and are famous for industriously attacking foodstuffs in a home, especially foods that are high in sugar. They waste no time in finding these tasty treats, especially if they are left out on the kitchen counter or table.

Summers, when ants are most active, can be a veritable pain for people in Kolkata, as they have to keep eatables in airtight boxes to protect them from an ant infestation. In that regard, ServiceZet, a pest control company in Kolkata offers you a solution to end the ant problem.

The Incredible Sense of Smell of Ants

However, you may be curious as to how ants are able to detect the presence of food, no matter how hard we try to protect sweet eatables from them. The truth is, ants have an incredible sense of smell. They have close to 400 distinct odorant receptors (odorant receptors are specialized cells that detect different smells) which make them super smellers.

This ability to smell different foods means ants can pick out various smells and then decide which foods are worth “attacking” so to speak.

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The Olfactory System of Ants

Most insects have three different classes of receptors situated on their antennae. They are as follows:

  • Odorant Receptors (ORs): These are responsible for detecting different aromatic compounds and pheromones.
  • Gustatory Receptors (GRs): These are responsible for detecting different tastes and some pheromones.
  • Ionotropic Glutamate Receptors (IRs): These are responsible for detecting toxic substances and poisons.
    In an ant’s olfactory system, ORs outnumber the ORs of other insects. Moreover, The GRs and the IRs are comparable to that of other insects.

How Do Ants Detect Sugar?

Ants detect sugar with their strong sense of smell. They host these olfactory sensors on their antennae. So keep sweet, sugary foods outside and you will soon spot a trail of ants to the dish!
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Keen Sense of Smell Responsible for Colony Organisation

This strong chemo sense is also responsible for the organization of the colony. Many people including this pest control company in Kolkata have been fascinated by the ants’ ability to organise themselves into colonies, communicate and perform tasks by themselves. Ants do not need an overseer, so how do they communicate? According to research, it’s the sense of smell that helps them to organise themselves into colonies and identify each other.

Moreover, ants set up pheromone trails to food sources that other ants can follow. Pheromones are chemicals that the ant releases in order to mark a trail to a particular food source. They have different sets of pheromones for finding food and different sets for marking the way back to the nest.

As every pest control company in Kolkata knows how to disrupt ants is by destroying this pheromone trail. This is a natural way of controlling the problem, but the ants will soon be back!

So, what can you do?

Opt for professional pest control and let us take care of the job.

ServiceZet is one of the best pest control companies in Kolkata. The company can help you tackle any ant problem with the best solutions up their sleeve.
However, there are some things you can do to prevent an ant infestation. Keep sweet foods in airtight tins or containers. Make sure you do not leave food lying around. Finally, gather up crumbs and put them in the bin!