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Termites can wreak havoc on the structure of your home. Get rid of them with ServiceZet.

Area (Sqft) Single Service
Up to 5002,500.00
501 to 8003,600.00
801 to 12005,000.00
1201to 18006,000.00
1801 to 24008,400.00

Termites are known to be one of the most dangerous pests that one home can have. Although it will not cause any harm to your body directly as it is not known to contaminate your food, bite or sting, spread any diseases. But, it can destroy the structure of your house. 

Termites are known to snack on the wood of your home, ruining your delicate and decorative furniture and elements of your body. It has been reported that once a home gets infested by termites, it is often hard to eradicate without the help of professionals. 

What makes it further danger is that, unlike rats and rodents, it cannot be seen dashing across the kitchen or on the floors. It silently eats away your wood and by the time you realize it, much destruction has been done. They find their shelter inside the walls or under your home, which makes it further difficult to spot. Besides, as it is difficult to locate and eradicate, professional help is paramount as households may not have the equipment and expertise that is required. 

Termites can also get expensive as it can eat up the luxury and antique wooden elements of your home and hence is a great threat to your property. Of course, you can choose to avoid or learn to live with it, but gradually the look, feel and integrity of your home will be lost. 

How do ServiceZet help? 

Through a drilling process, ServiceZet aims at going deep down into the walls and under your home where these tiny hungry monsters can be spotted. Besides, we take every possible measure to protect your home from a second attack for as long as possible. We cater up to 2400 sq ft of area. 

Tip – Keep a watch on the wooden elements of your home. Opt for frequent pest control for early detection of termites and to minimize the threat.