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Marble Polishing

Ensure a clean, shining and polished marble floor with ServiceZet.

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A new home resonates your persona. Thus, you need a shiny and aesthetic look for your home. Marbles are known to have added the required aesthetic value to every home for decades. But, marbles can also bring down the complete look of your home if it lacks shine and polish.

Therefore, it is recommended to hire professional marble polishing from us. Quality polishing work will not only return the luster of the marble but, increases its durability as well. There are also a host of other advantages such as, it increases density, elevates the aesthetic appeal, durability is increased, makes maintenance minimal, restricts the growth of fungus, bacteria, etc. as well as acts as pest control. But, there is more to it than these!

Marble polishing is applicable to flooring, hallways, countertops, vanities, etc. Make sure you rely on only the experienced marble polishers. It will save significantly in the longer run by eliminating the need for floor replacement.

How do ServiceZet help?

We are one of the leading marble polishing companies in Kolkata. Our team of experts specialize in marble polishing services to offer a grandeur look to your floors.
ServiceZet brings you customer-friendly and affordable marble upkeep round the clock. Call us anytime for a superior and satisfactory service. We employ the best men and class-leading equipment to provide an unparalleled job – every time you rely on us!

From floor scrubbing, polishing, buffing and grinding; all of our chemicals are quality tested and eco-friendly. Get a shining floor on moment’s notice. Our rate varies on the basis of the types of marbles, condition of the marble, area of the flooring and client requirement. Get in touch to get a quote.

Tip – Wipe away any liquids (coffee, wine, etc.) immediately if it’s split to avoid staining. Avoid dragging any heavy furniture as it can deeply scratch the surface. Also, be cautious; not to drop any heavy items on the floor as it can cause chipping. And, lastly trust in ServiceZet. We’re the best in what we do!