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Deep Cleaning

Keeping your house clean is of paramount importance.

Area (Sqft) Single Service
2 BHK4,000.00
3 BHK5,000.00
4 BHK6,000.00
5 BHK7,000.00
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Keeping your house clean is of paramount importance. A dirty house can be a source of several health disorders, especially for children and older adults. Besides, an unclean home is also a threat to pets and may cause health issues to them and you. 

Moreover, an unclean home is dangerous for people with allergies and respiratory disorders such as asthma, pneumonia, chronic bronchitis and more. So get your home deep cleaned frequently and prevent your family members and your pets from falling sick every other day.

How do ServiceZet help? 

ServiceZet is an initiative by CCASPL that is intended to help households cater to their cleaning, sanitisation and pest control needs. We are a team of experts striving to render quality services, best to our possibilities. We have been delivering our services through the years and therefore you can trust on the experienced hands. We ensure a cleaner and healthier home after every session. We cater to households from 1 BHK to 5 BHK and offer Dusting furniture & fixtures, vacuuming of Carpet & Sofas, cobweb removal, cleaning of window and fan, kitchen cleaning, bathroom cleaning, scrubbing of the floor by industry-grade machine.

Please note that we are following all the Covid-19 safety protocols while delivering our services. Besides, we do not guarantee the removal of old stains however we will try our best to get rid of them. So our team is not reliable to move any heavy items. Customers are requested to provide water, ladder and electric connection during the process. Furthermore, ServiceZet does not cover inaccessible areas. Acknowledging the need for safety the chemicals that we make use of are 100% safe for kids, older adults and pets.

Tip Regular dusting and mopping can help you keep dust and grime at bay. You can also make use of vacuum cleaners to get the job done faster. For deeper cleaning, you can get in touch with us.