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Bed Bug

Ensure a good sleep and a healthy day by getting rid of bed bugs with ServiceZet.

Area (Sqft) Single Service Double Service
Up to 500600.00
501 to 800750.00
801 to 1200900.00
1201to 18001,200.00
1801 to 24001,500.00

Humans have been living with bed bugs since existence. The common health issue imposed by bed bugs is itching, which occurs due to bed bug bites. The bitten experiences red bumps or welts on their skin that occurs within a couple of days after the bite. The bumps or welts look quite similar to that of a mosquito bite, however, stays with the afflicted for a couple of days. 

The concern is not with the bite but with the itching, and excessive itching can harm the skin and may open a path for other microorganisms to enter your body and cause diseases. 

Besides, bed bugs can also lead to loss of sleep and irritation from scratching which may affect your day-to-day life. While there are some who show no signs of bites, many out there can become ill or feel nauseous. Besides, there are individuals who may develop an allergic response or might have an anaphylactic reaction to bedbug bites. Although rare, it is possible to develop an asthmatic reaction to bed bug bites. 

In addition, bed bugs can also damage your furnishing and your home. Hence the need for pest control to ensure a bug-free healthy home. 

How do ServiceZet help? 

Being one of the leading general pest control service providers, under the umbrella of CCASPL, we offer pest control through spray treatment so that your home can be free of pests and miniature monsters. We cater up to 2400 sq ft of area. 

Tip – Keep your bedsheets clean and spotless. In case you are returning from a trip, wash off your clothes as soon as possible. In case new items of your homes cannot be washed, run through a dryer for 20 to 30 minutes to kill the bugs and destroy the eggs. In case you are back from a trip, keep the luggage away from your residing area, especially the bedroom.